1920x1080 Computer Projectors

Improve Your Home Theater Setup With 1920 by 1080 LED Projectors

Whether you’re hosting movie night or watching the big game, an LED projector can help you create an immersive home theater experience. They can project your favorite shows onto a wall or a screen for a larger viewing area.

What does 1920 by 1080 mean?

1920 by 1080 refers to the resolution of the projector. It means that the image is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall. This resolution matches the 16:9 format for Blu-ray movies and HDTV shows so you can watch TV and HD movies without distortion.

What are the benefits of LED projectors?

These models come with a variety of benefits for home theater use, including:

  • Smaller size: Since LEDs don’t use traditional large projector lamps, they’re usually small and compact. This makes them more portable so it’s easier to take them to a friend’s house or on vacation.
  • Low heat: LEDs operate at very low heat levels. This means that the projector is less likely to overheat. The lower temperatures also reduce the need for noisy fans so these models tend to run quietly.
  • Fast operation: LEDs don’t require time to warm up, so you can switch them on and start projecting quickly. When you’re finished, these projectors shut down in seconds without a cooldown period.
What are some connection options?

Most LED projectors come with one or more connection options. If you’re planning to integrate the device into your home theater, look for HDMI connectors that link directly to your TV or media player. Other models connect to your phone, computer, or tablet using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for easy streaming. For a direct link, look for models with USB cables that plug into your computer. Projectors are also available with standard AV cables, which is useful if you have an older home entertainment setup.

How do you choose an 1920 by 1080 LED projector?

The right projector for you depends on your home theater setup. As you check out the different options, these steps can help you refine the search:

  • Pick a type: Choose from indoor and outdoor models
  • Choose a size: Select from sizes ranging from tiny, highly portable pocket projectors to larger home theater models
  • Select a brightness: Choose a lumen level. The higher the maximum lumens, the brighter your image will be.
  • Pick a connection type: Choose from connection options including HDMI cables, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and more
  • Look for included accessories: Choose models that come with wall-mounting hardware, remote controllers, connection cables, tripods, outdoor casings, and more