Finding the Right Android Cell Phone

People love Android phones for the ease of use and a variety of apps available on Google Play. Whether you are looking to buy a main phone or a second phone, the Android smartphone will benefit you in a number of ways.

What Are Good Features of Android Phones?

  1. Camera Lens Quality. A lot of Android gadgets have 13 MP lenses and above. If you love taking photos and videos of places and events, go for rear cameras that have quality lenses. These take great photos even in low-light conditions. Front-facing cameras are desirable at 5 MP minimum.
  2. Unlocked Mobile System. An unlocked unit lets you put in any network SIM at any time. Switch network providers whenever you like. Dual SIM GSM phones are also good. You can insert and use two network SIMS at the same time.
  3. Long Battery Life. This is an essential feature for heavy users who access gaming apps or take lots of calls, photos, and videos.
  4. High-performing Processors. Quad-core and Octa-Core processors are what mobile owners prefer nowadays. These units don't lag or hang during gaming or video streaming.

What Are Exciting Qualities of Android Cell Phones?

  1. More Keyboards. Unlocked phones like Samsung, LG, Huawei, ZTE, and other brands give you different keyboard choices. That's excluding keyboard apps you can download from GooglePlay.
  2. Cross-Platform Sharing. An Android Smartphone has access to official GooglePlay apps, other third-party Android app developers, and open-source community projects. You can install different games, productivity tools, and more.
  3. Customized Home Launchers. Your smartphone can switch to different home screen layout and designs with ease.
  4. Abundance of Widgets. You can have numerous widgets: weather, tasks, notes, favorite contacts, and a whole lot more.

What Are Some Android Smartphones You Can Choose?

  1. Mirror Screen Android. This lets you project content from your smartphone to a TV. LG V30 has this feature.
  2. Water-Resistant Android. This protects your smartphone from spills and water immersion for up to 1.5 meters underwater. Samsung Galaxy S9 has this feature. The Galaxy S8 also has IP68 certification.
  3. Wireless Charging Android. This lets you charge your phone cable-free. You place your smartphone on a charging mat and wireless charging takes place. The Google Pixel can use wireless charging.
  4. 4G LTE Android. This is a fourth-generation long-term evolution phone. The feature allows fast mobile internet connection speeds. OnePlus 5T has this feature.

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