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ASRock Computer Motherboards

ASRock Computer Motherboards

Having a high-quality motherboard is an important part of the performance and proper functioning of your computer as it allows all of the individual components to interact with one another. ASRock is an IT company that specializes in the manufacturing of motherboards, home theater, and industrial PCs, and they produce a large variety of boards that vary in chipset, form factor, features, and more. It is important to consider all of your needs to ensure your PC is functioning effectively and efficiently.

What CPU socket do you need?

ASRock computer motherboards come available with one of five different CPU sockets, which are designed to fit the specific processor that you intend to use in your CPU. Intel models utilize either an LGA1155 or LGA2011 socket while AMD models can be compatible with AM3, AM3+, or FM1 products. ASRock motherboards allow you to interchange the CPU and chipset. AMD models can be switched out for other AMD products in different families, but Intel models must be replaced with equally compatible Intel products from the same family.

What form factors does ASRock have available?

Form factors vary in size, shape, and functionality, and larger boards include more expansion slots. There are three main types that are offered.

  • ATX: ATX boards are quite common and measure around 9.6 by 12 inches. These models generally incorporate a large number of expansion slots, RAM bays, and data connectors.
  • Micro-ATX: These boards measure 9.6 inches in both width and height and offer a more compact option than ATX models.
  • Mini-ITX: These highly-compact boards measure only 6.7 inches on each side.
What other features should you consider when purchasing a motherboard?
  • RAM: RAM is responsible for ensuring proper performance, and it is important to have the correct amount to suit your needs. ASRock motherboards come with between two and eight slots that are compatible with various quantities of RAM.
  • SATA: A SATA port is required for each storage device that you intend to use. Many ASRock products come with between four and 10 SATA ports, so be sure that your selected model has enough for your current needs and space for future upgrades as well.
  • USB headers: USB compatibility can be important depending on your storage preferences. These headers can be compatible with USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, or Thunderbolt, so be sure that you can incorporate all of your external hard drives or other devices.
  • Gaming graphics: While most products come equipped with graphics cards that are sufficient for Windows tasks and marginal gaming, ASRock produces a number of models that are built specifically for gaming needs. These products are compatible with high-end standalone video cards and can support either Intel or AMD systems.
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