AT&T 4-линейные беспроводные телефоны и трубки

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Take Care of Business With AT&T 4-Line Cordless Telephones and Handsets

AT&T 4-line cordless phones and handsets work well in a small business setting. These cordless telephones are available with many features that help you stay connected with clients and customers. The phones come in several configurations to meet your business needs.

What equipment do you need to connect this cordless telephone?

Connecting the telephone requires no special tools or equipment as long as your landline is already installed. The phones come with the cables and cords needed for connection. You simply need a landline and an electrical outlet to set up your phone.

What are the benefits of this phone in an office?

The AT&T 4-line phone has several benefits in a professional setting. This type of phone is expandable to up to 16 different phone stations, depending on the model you have. You can have a handset in each office or at each desk, so someone is always available to answer a call.

What features of the AT&T 4-line system suit business use?

This phone system from AT&T was designed to make it easy and efficient to take your business calls. Depending on the phone, your system may have an intercom, a speakerphone, and other useful features, such as:

  • Call waiting/caller ID - lets you know who's calling and allows you to answer the other line while the phone is in use
  • Base with speakerphone - makes it easy to complete business calls in a room full of people
  • Four-line operation - allows you to use one to four different phone lines within the office
  • Expandable - gives you plenty of options for taking calls throughout the office with multiple handsets
  • Three-party conferencing - provides a means of having a three-way conversation
For expansion, which phones are compatible with this system?

To choose compatible phones for your phone system, you need to know which AT&T 4-line cordless phone system you're connecting to. Each phone will have a unit number that says which other AT&T phones it can be used with. Once you have the compatible phones, the process of connecting them on the same network is simple.

How do you replace the battery in the cordless handset?

The battery inside the handset will begin to wear out after a certain amount of usage. These types of batteries can easily be replaced. Most of the headsets have a removable back where the battery is held. The battery is easy to remove. You can use the number on the battery pack to find the correct replacement battery for your particular phone model.