Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells

An adjustable dumbbell set is a useful addition to any home gym. Allowing the freedom and privacy of a workout from home, this adjustable equipment caters to many fitness levels. Adjustable dumbbells are available in a wide variety of shapes and weight ranges to suit a variety of tastes and needs.

What are adjustable dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbells are dumbbells that allow the user to adjust the amount of weight being lifted. Instead of needing several pairs of dumbbells, all of varying weights, adjustable dumbbells have a series of plates that may be attached to the ends of the bar. This is ideal for home gyms as it does not require nearly the space that a full dumbbell rack would consume.

What weights are adjustable dumbbells available in?

Depending on the manufacturer, dumbbell sets may come in a variety of weight ranges. Typically, the lightest available weight is 5 pounds, while the maximum available can be upwards of 100 pounds. Some dumbbell sets offer weight increases in 5-pound increments, while others offer increases in 10 pound increments.

How do you adjust the weight?

The procedure for changing the weight will vary based on the brand of dumbbell you choose. Common methods include:

  • Screw-on collars: These dumbbells have free weight plates that may be added to the bar. To do this, unscrew the collar at either end of the bar and slide the desired number of weight plates on either side. Return the collar to its starting position before lifting weights.
  • Twist dial: This option sits in a small rack that contains the extra weight. To change the weight, simply place the dumbbell in the rack and twist the knob to the desired number.
  • Sliding: This option is equipped with a tool that slides in between the different weight levels. To change them, simply set the weight in its rack, pull the tool out of the weight, and move it to your desired level.

What are the advantages of Powerblock dumbbells?

Powerblock dumbbells are extremely durable and offer sets that provide weight increments from three pounds to 125 pounds. Heavier weights allow the user to perform lower body movements that would normally require a large barbell. They employ a sliding tool to change the weight that is easy to remove and prevents plates from sticking together. This allows you to change the intensity of your workout within as little as five seconds, keeping your muscles working instead of resting. Powerblock also offers unique color-coding for each weight level to ensure you can easily see where the sliding tool should be inserted for the proper amount of weight.

What are the advantages of the Bowflex adjustable dumbbell set?

The Bowflex set is highly durable and user-friendly. Bowflex offers weight adjustments from 5 to 90 pounds, depending on the set chosen. These sets employ a twist dial that is easy to use and can be changed in just seconds, ensuring your workout stays on track. The numbers are easy to read and heavy-duty molding between plates ensures no loud clanking.