Angel Paintball Markers

Angel offers a series of paintball guns for both professional and amateur use. Angel paintball markers feature a variety of attachments, accessories, and electronic tools designed to aid in the paintball sport. Here are some questions that may come up when making a selection.

What is a paintball marker?

A paintball marker, sometimes referred to as a paintball gun, is the primary piece of equipment used in the sport of paintball. A paintball marker uses compressed air to mark targets with paint-filled plastic balls. Paintball markers can be customized with accessories and modifications to fill a specific role on a team.

How do you select an Angel paintball marker?
  • Choose a style: Assault markers are designed for a higher rate of fire. Some assault markers may be modeled after real guns. Sniper markers are designed for accuracy and control and generally use a slower rate of fire. Tournament-style markers are designed to be lightweight and fast firing.
  • Choose a tank: Select between CO2 and compressed air tanks based on the requirements of the paintball marker.
  • Choose a design: Mechanical and electronic models are available and should be selected based on your preference.
What types of Angel paintball guns are available?
  • Mechanical paintball markers: Mechanical markers utilize a spring-loaded bolt to fire a paintball. These paintball markers utilize a higher operating pressure to fire the paintballs. This variety will use either CO2 or compressed air in tanks.
  • Pump paintball guns: These markers use a hand-operated pump to chamber each paintball marker, and they are single shot.
  • Electronic paintball markers: This style uses a circuit board and solenoid to fire the paintballs. This allows the marker to fire semiauto or automatic. They are powered by either a 9-volt battery or rechargeable batteries.
What is a hopper?

A hopper is the device attached to your paintball marker and stores the paintballs to be used in a match. Hoppers can come in two types, including the gravity fed and electronic options. Gravity-fed hoppers are designed for use in mechanical markers. Electronic hoppers utilize a motor that spins to feed paintballs into the marker at a quicker rate. Some electronic hoppers will use sensors to control the motor’s feed rate.

What is the difference between offset and center feeds?

Center feed designs will have the hopper placed on the top center of the paintball marker. With this style, the user aims on either side of the marker. Offset feeds will have the hopper sit on the right or left side of the paintball gun. This allows the user to sight targets straight down the top. These models can also utilize accessories like a red dot sight or a scope.