Antique Maritime Chronometers

Step Back in Time With Chronometer Antique Maritime Clocks

Chronometers are known for their precision and accuracy. The marine chronometer, in particular, is specifically designed for displaying time and for sea and oceanic navigation. To ensure these timepieces are within the standard, they have to pass through certification tests. You can find refurbished chronometer antique maritime clocks on eBay for great prices.

What are antique maritime chronometers?

Chronometers were invented in the 18th century. After their discovery, they became widely used in ships and other ocean vessels. These mechanical devices provide the accurate time by calibrating its system with the GMT standard. These devices also aid the ship?s navigator to identify the vessel?s longitude. These marine navigational items are placed on a gimbal to secure them in the proper position.

What are some distinct features of a marine chronometer?

A marine chronometer has the following details:

  • Wooden Case - Some of the early antique marine chronometers are housed in a container made from dark wood such as mahogany. The boxes are embedded with bronze and other types of metal details. To protect the instrument, the boxes are securely locked when not in use.
  • Gimbal - Navigation instruments used in ships have to be consistently aligned with the horizon. Even with the day-to-day changes in direction and the constant rocking motion of a ship or boat, the device has to stay in the ideal position. This is important for accurate time and navigation readings.
How do you choose a chronometer antique clock?

When selecting an antique device, consider evaluating the product using the following criteria:

  • Design - A typical set includes the timepiece enclosed in a wood box with a viewing glass. Some portable pieces resemble a compass with a metal casing.
  • Registration - Vintage chronometers are assigned registration numbers. Contemporary pieces are now tested by the Contru001ale Officiel Suisse des Chronom¸tres (COSC).
  • Price - Antique chronometers are available on eBay. Prices vary based on the maker, age, and condition of the instrument. Some pieces could go as low as $100. Some rare pieces are priced at several thousands of dollars.
  • Origin and Type- There are specialized pieces that are designed for submarines such as the Poljot, which were manufactured after WWII. Some of the most sought-after pieces include clocks made by Hamilton, Ulysse Nardin, Morris Tobias, among other craftsmen.