Аккумуляторы Apple для iPhone 5

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Apple Batteries for iPhone 5

For owners of iPhones from Apple, it is possible to get an original equipment management battery kit to replace your old one if need be. Various manufacturers produce battery kits for different iPhone models, and a customer only has to find which one they need for their particular phone. Buying your own battery replacement kit may be necessary if your iPhone 5 has lived past its warranty.

How long is your iPhone battery expected to last?

Apple doesn't provide an estimate of battery life because it usually depends on the usage. Maintaining charge is only one way to care for your iPhone battery, which will influence its lifespan. Extreme temperatures will reduce the life of a phone battery. The operations that your iPhone 5 has to carry during every cycle will also dictate how long it lasts.

Why would an iPhone battery not charge?

When you have installed a new battery on your iPhone and it has a problem with the charging, it doesn't necessarily mean that your iPhone 5 is defective. Several reasons could result in a charging problem with your battery, and a few are listed here:

  • iPhone charging port: The port used to charge your iPhone may be clogged with debris, lint, and dust. Obstructions will interfere with the cable connections and consequently, the charging process. Use a dry toothbrush, cotton swab, or toothpick to remove the dirt blocking the port.
  • iPhone USB cable: Your new battery may not have anything to do with the charging problem on your device. Check the ends to see if your iPhone cable is frayed. Always ensure you are using a certified phone cable to charge your iPhone 5. Otherwise, it may present a problem.
  • Battery gauge: Sometimes, your iPhone battery just needs to be recalibrated to get it charging properly. Drain the phone battery to less than 10% and then charge it continuously until it is full.
How can you prolong your iPhone_x001A_s battery life?

The number of applications running in the background of your iPhone also determines how much charge the device consumes. Turn off phone apps and tools that are not in use on your iPhone 5. Remember to turn off notifications as well, especially if they sync every few minutes. In instances where you will not use your iPhone for a considerable while, charge it to 50% before putting it away. Make sure that your iPhone is running the most recent Apple OS so that you can capitalize on updated power-management features.

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