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Apple Computer Motherboards

All You Need to Know About the MacBook Pro A1278 Motherboard

No computer can function properly without a working and well-designed motherboard or logic board, and the A1278 logic board is one model of this essential piece of hardware. Whether youre a computer aficionado or simply looking to replace your old A1278 logic board, you can find new and used logic boards on eBay.

What function does the A1278 logic board serve?

The A1278 logic board is the most crucial component of your Macbook because it is what coordinates the workings of all of the other computer parts together. Without it, nothing on your computer will work properly. If your logic board is broken or faulty, replacing it is essential.

With which computer models is the A1278 compatible?

Apple has a convenient labeling system for its products which makes it easy to identify which parts are compatible with which computers. If your computers model number contains "A1278," the A1278 logic board should be compatible with it. Computers with this model number are the late 2008 13-inch Aluminum MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Pro, going from mid-2009 to mid-2012.

Which CPUs and graphics cards work best with the A1278?

This depends on the year in which the particular A1278 logic board was designed. The A1278 2010 MacBook Pro logic board is generally designed to work with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a Nvidia Geforce 320M 256MB graphics card, though models similar to these may also work.

When it comes to the 2012 A1278 logic board, something like the Intel HD Graphics 4000 w/ 512MB VRAM graphics card should work just fine, as should any i5 or i7 processor from Intel. As always, there will be some degree of variability in the compatibility of parts, but any associated or additional parts can be easily found on eBay.

How do you replace an A1278 logic board?
  • One: First, flip over your MacBook Pro and remove the seven short and three long Phillips head screws found along the bottom cover. Then, remove the cover and unscrew the three T-6 fan screws around the fan, but leave them in. Remove the fan and disconnect the speaker, iSight camera, Wi-Fi cable, DVD ROM drive, hard drive, trackpad, and keyboard. Then, disconnect the LVDS cable and battery indicator.
  • Two: Remove the 7 T-6 logic board screws and the two screws holding down the LVDS bracket, but leave these latter two in place. Then, lift the bracket and tear off the microphone that is glued to the logic board.
  • Three: Remove your old logic board. Be sure to lift it up at an angle and then disconnect the DC-IN power board.
  • Four: Put in your new logic board. To do this, simply place the new logic board where the old one was, restore all of the previously severed connections, and screw all of the screws back in. Make sure to reconnect the DC-IN power board first and insert your new logic board at an angle. Be sure to also screw the fan back into place by the new logic board. Also, make sure that all loose cables from previous connections are out of the way when putting the board in place. Then, reconnect every cable and screw every screw back in.
  • Five: Finally, place the cover back over the logic board and screw it back into place.
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