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Keep Your Mac Working with Apple iMac Power Supply

If your Apple iMac does not turn on, it could be due to a faulty power supply unit (PSU). Get your iMac powered up again with an affordable Apple iMac power supply at eBay. There are new, used, and refurbished Apple iMac power supplies available for all your iMac internal power problems.

Which Apple iMac power supply works with your computer?

A power supply unit (PSU) converts the AC power supply to a low-voltage DC current for the internal components in your iMac. There are several styles available to power up your iMac. Which one you need depends on the size and year of your iMac. Before choosing a power supply, check your iMac to make sure it is compatible. Macs function best when they have the appropriate power supply. Below is a list of some models available:

  • A1225: The A1225 power supply is compatible with 24-inch iMacs from mid-2007 and early-2008.
  • A1312: Model A1312 power supply works with 27-inch iMacs from late-2009, mid-2010, and mid-2011.
  • A1419: The A1419 Apple iMac power supply is compatible with 27-inch iMacs from late-2012, late-2014, mid-2015, and mid-2017.
  • A1311: If you have a 21.5-inch iMac from late-2009 through mid-2011, it will take an A1311 power supply.
  • A1418: If your 21.5-inch is a late-2012 model through 2018, youll need the A1418 power supply.
How many watts of power will a power supply use?

The number of watts a new or used Apple iMac power supply uses depends on the year of your iMac and the model of your power supply. See the list below for the wattage that corresponds with the proper power supply. Plus, the original part number is included to help in your power supply search.

  • A1418: The A1418 uses 185W of power. The original part number is 661-7512.
  • A1311: The A1311, or part number 661-5299, uses 205W.
  • A1225: The A1225 power supply is rated at 250W. The original part number is 614-0405.
  • A1419: Part number 661-7886 uses 300W of power.
  • A1312: The A1312 (661-5972) uses 310W of power.
Can you find refurbished Apple iMac power supplies?

Yes. A refurbished power supply is a great way to save some money while still getting a quality product. There are new, used, and refurbished items available on eBay. Plus, if you are repairing more than one machine, you can find multiple and bulk Apple iMac power supplies when you shop on eBay.

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