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Smartphones on Reliable Networks to Keep You Connected

An Apple iPhone SE equipped with iOS 11 software has features to suit your lifestyle needs. You can experience uninterrupted FaceTime sessions when taking selfies or use the Wi-Fi connection to check emails. Along with desirable features, these phones are available from Verizon Wireless and other network plans.

What Types of Plans Are Available from Verizon Wireless?

When purchasing an iPhone SE on the Verizon Wireless network, you can choose unlimited data plans. This means youre able to stream 4K videos and surf the internet without worrying about how much data is left. The same is true for making calls and sending texts. Moreover, with a prepaid plan, you can add more lines to cover all your family members. Some prepaid plans may include international calling and mobile hotspot coverage. In some cases, an annual contract is not required.

What Key Features Should You Look for in iPhone SE Models?

  • Fast Processor: iPhone SE smartphones use an A9 chip the company first used in iPhone 6s and 6 Plus models. In comparison, the company used an A10 Fusion chip in iPhone 7 models and an A7 processor in iPhone 5s mobile phones. Each time the company upgrades its processor, that translates into better performance for any iPhone model to include faster LTE and Wi-Fi.
  • Construction: Made from bead-blasted aluminum, the phone body has a satin finish, while edges have a matte appearance. In addition to its attractive appearance, the retina 4-inch display ensures that images are clear and crisp.
  • 12-Megapixel Camera: The FaceTime camera takes high-resolution shots that you can store in the iCloud photo library. Access pictures and videos you took yesterday or last year. Whether taking pictures or videos, you can make edits on the spot.
  • Security: To keep your personal information private, phones use Touch ID technology that uses your fingerprint as the password.

What Are the Benefits of a Built-In M9 Motion Coprocessor?

Built into the A9 processor, the M9 motion coprocessor activates the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope. Track how many steps you walk or check the direction youre facing when hiking. Furthermore, you can access other fitness data to keep tabs on exercise goals. For convenience, contact Siri to respond to voice commands, answer questions, or perform activities on the Internet. The voice assistant can change phone settings, schedule events, or find information based on your verbal requests.

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