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Asus Transformer Screen Replacement for Crystal Clear Visuals

Screens can become scratched or dirty with use, so it's important to replace your computer screen when needed. You might miss small but important details on your Asus Transformer screen if it is worn. Choose from a large selection of new and used Asus Transformer screen replacements on eBay.

When should you replace a screen?

You should replace screens that are very dirty with residue that is hard to remove. Scrubbing too hard can damage the screen, and so can getting it wet enough to get the oils off. You should also replace scratched and shattered screens. Other examples of damage are loose screws and hairline cracks.

Does the brand have to match the tablet manufacturer?

No. You can get any brand of Asus Transformer screen that is listed as compatible with the Asus Transformer. The Asus Transformer screen replacement can be from a brand like Asus, but it could also be unbranded. On eBay you will find specific types of tools to help you replace your Asus Transformer screen as well as the actual screen. These tools are specially made to fit the Asus Transformer replacement screen parts. They are torqued correctly and have the right gauge to avoid stripping the screw. It is important to use the correct tools as the wrong screwdriver or screw can crack tablet screens. A new screen should install fairly easily, so if you have to screw too tightly, you may have the wrong model.

Each model may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Check the listing to make sure that it is for the Asus Transformer replacement screen. There are options to sift for your purchase by the type of tablet. The Asus Transformer comes in book and tablet form.

What are the components of the touch screen?

The Asus Transformer screen replacement has a few components. Since this is a touch screen unit on a tablet, you will find a few pieces under this search heading. They include:

  • Glass touch screen: This is the actual glass component of the touch screen.
  • Sensors unit: These are the sensors and wiring that go inside the tablet casing.
  • LCD screen replacement: This is the screen component that goes behind the glass.
  • LED screen replacement: This is a light bulb replacement that allows you to put LEDs in your screen instead of a regular bulb.
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