Betsey Johnson

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Betsey Johnson Fashion Jewelry

Betsey Johnson Jewelry

Fashion jewelry is a fun way to dress up an outfit or show off a unique sense of style. Since the 1970s, Betsey Johnson has been creating fashion and jewelry, including items like chunky necklaces made of rocks and shells and dangle earrings of pink flowers.

What styles of Betsey Johnson jewelry are available?

This jewelry collection includes necklaces with pendants, a selection of earrings, pins and brooches, rings, anklets, and bracelets with and without charms. Charms include animals, angels, flowers, and hearts. The lineup of jewelry also features hair and head pieces such as clips, tiara headbands and hair ties.

What is enamel?

Enamel is a glaze that is used to color metal or ceramics. Enamels come in powders or liquid. When enamel is placed on a ceramic or metal, its fired in a kiln. This makes it permanent and hard. Many of Betsey Johnson’s items are enameled, which gives them a bright color and a glassy shine.

What are gold and silver tones?

Jewelry with a gold or silver-tone finish actually do not have real gold or silver in them, but are finished in colors that resemble these metals. The colors can come from non-precious metals such as nickel. The bling that results can be bright and catch the eye. Many examples of Betsey Johnson works have a silver and gold-tone finish as part of their designs.

What is the difference between rhinestones and crystals?

Nearly all of Johnson’s items are encrusted with rhinestones or crystals. The differences between the two are the following:

  • Rhinestones: These embellishments are generally flat and have a silver foil back that brings out their sparkle. They can be made of real crystal, acrylic, or glass. They usually come in the colors of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts. Rhinestones can also be holographic, adding touches of rainbow to certain pieces.
  • Crystals: These embellishments can be made of quartz or other minerals, including diamonds. However, the fine-quality Swarovski crystals are made of faceted glass. They are tougher and more brilliant than rhinestones.
Does Betsey Johnson use real shells in her shell pieces?

In some jewelry pieces, real shells and corals are used. However, nearly all the pearls in her items are faux. They are made to resemble real pearls even though they are made of glass. Other jewelry pieces are made of metals and other materials that may have the look and texture of real shells.

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