Learn More about Big Dogs Clothing for Men

Big Dogs began in 1983 when a group of friends was given a pair of extremely large swimming trunks for rafting. A comment was made about the size of the shorts, which inspired the eventual logo and name of the company. Since then, Big Dogs has produced colorful and casual apparel for men in a variety of patterns, sizes, and categories.

Does Big Dogs have clothes in larger sizes?

In addition to regular sizes, Big Dogs apparel for men is available in big and tall sizing for shirts, pants, and boxers. Big and tall sizes typically start at LT for those over 6 feet 4 inches, and XL for men under 6 feet 4 inches. These sizes are available in almost every style of clothing offered, from a Hawaiian shirt to Big Dogs sportswear clothes. You can determine your size by measuring your:

  • Waist: Regardless of height, big and tall sizes will start at a 38-inch waist size. If you're taller than 76 inches, your waist size will include a T at the end.
  • Neck: Big and tall sizes start between 16 inches and 16.5 inches for shirts. You should make sure the fit is loose enough to feel comfortable and tight enough to look neat.
  • Chest: You'll typically find regular shirt sizes are sized to fit chest circumferences smaller than 42 inches, regardless of your height.
  • Sleeves: If purchasing a long sleeve shirt, consider measuring your sleeve length. Regular sizes usually have sleeve sizes 35 inches long or less.

What seasonal Dogs shirts and other items are there?

Big Dogs offers casual wear and sportswear for the entire year. For summer, you can find bathing suit bottoms as well as T-shirts and shorts. A Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, and cotton beach towel from Big Dogs help complete your tropical Hawaiian summer style. In the winter, Big Dogs also sells accessories such as blankets, robes, and cotton towels. When the cold months roll around, you can find one-size-fits-all oversized blankets that are designed to be worn around the house. These Big Dogs blankets include a kangaroo-style pocket large enough to insert your hands. Other options include double-layer socks, scarves, and beanie hats.

Are there multiple print and fabric styles?

You can find a variety of prints from Big Dogs, such as graphics and Hawaiian shirts to single-color polo shirts. Big Dogs shirts are available in cotton, mixed fabrics, and synthetic materials. Shirts can be found in basic colors as well as in patterns, such as plaid, stripes, or other shapes. If you need a Christmas sweater, pullover, hooded sweatshirt, or short sleeve T-shirt with comical sayings, Big Dogs also offers these options. This wide variety of styles and prints allows you to express yourself without being limited by size.

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