Black Android Smartwatches

Smartwatches are a convenient accessory that allows you to tell time while also accessing apps and other features. A black Android smartwatch combines the functionality of a smartphone bundled into a wearable wrist device. Understanding the features and functions of different Android smartphones will help you make a purchase.

Which smartwatches are compatible with the Android operating systems?

Both the Pebble and Fitbit Surge are compatible with the Android operating system. While the Pebble is a smartwatch, it does not operate via voice commands and its screen is not a touchscreen. The Fitbit Surge is not a true smartwatch but is a fitness tracker that can be linked to your Android phone to allow you to view notifications via text or phone.

What features can you look for in a smartwatch?

Like any technology purchase, a smartwatch can offer different functions and features that serve different purposes. As you research different options, consider these features and how important they are as priorities for you:

  • A touchscreen similar to what is found on smartphones and tablets. While the touchscreen on a smartwatch is smaller, it should still function in a similar fashion to other smart devices.
  • Bluetooth enabled to pair with your phone for data.
  • Battery life in the range of one to two days between charging sessions. Choose a smartwatch with a longer proved battery life for good functionality.
  • Water-resistance to handle the day-to-day situations that you encounter while wearing a watch, such as washing your hands or rinsing out a cup or mug. While some models may offer water resistance for athletes, standard water or splash-resistance may be all you need for everyday usage.
  • Fitness features, such as tracking your daily step count, monitoring your heart rate, and capturing data on your sleep cycles.
How do you clean and care for smartwatches?

If you wear your smartwatch every day during all of your regular activities, it is likely to accumulate a certain amount of grime from sweat, hand washing, dust, and lint. To clean smartwatches safely, follow these steps:

  • To clean the screen, use a lint-free, microfiber cloth to buff the surface of the screen gently until any residue is removed.
  • To clean the band, you will need to check the material from which your watch band is made. For leather, use a conditioner or cleaner designed for leather. For stainless steel, use warm water and a mild hand soap or a mild mixture of warm water and diluted white vinegar. For silicone, use warm water and a mild hand soap.
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