Мобильные принтеры Bluetooth

Make Printing Documents On the Go Easy With a Portable Bluetooth Printer

For students with small rooms, traveling professionals, or for general home use, a portable Bluetooth printer offers the flexibility to print anywhere on demand. If portability or size are important considerations for you, eBay has a wide variety of wireless Bluetooth printers to help you build the perfect mobile office.

What are the benefits to having a portable Bluetooth printer?

If you have a small space, a mobile printer may be a great option for you as they are compact and don't take up much space on your desk. The same applies if you often find yourself needing to print on the go, for example, if you are a student or field technician. There are also mini Bluetooth printers available on eBay that support printing pictures, which can be helpful for photographers. A mobile Bluetooth printer also allows you to print documents and photos directly from your iPhone or Android device.

What power options are there for portable Bluetooth printers?

Because of the portable nature of these printers, many styles do not require an AC wall plug. Here are the main types of power input these mobile printers support:

  • Internal rechargeable battery: This is truly the most portable style as you can charge the printer when you have access to a AC wall outlet then print anywhere on the go using the battery.
  • USB plug into a computer: This is the second most portable style. As long as you have your computer—with ample charge—you can plug the printer right in to power it and print your documents.
  • AC adapter: While still portable and able to connect with Bluetooth, this style of printer still requires you to be connected to a wall outlet, making it the least versatile style of wireless Bluetooth printer.
Do you need to use special paper for these printers?

The vast majority of portable Bluetooth printers use regular printer paper, the same type you would use for any standard desktop printer. However, if you are printing pictures be sure to use photo paper for optimal results. Some portable printers available on eBay use zero ink technology that requires special paper embedded with heat-activated ink crystals. This gives the printer a smaller form factor as it does not need to house an ink cartridge, but it does require the use of the specialized paper.