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Bunn Filter Coffee Machines

Bunn Automatic Coffee Makers

Drinking a hot cup of coffee is a way that many people love to start their day. Bunn automatic coffee makers come in a variety of capacities. These coffee makers brew ground coffee beans, offer automated features, and are available in a range of styles.

What are some of the features of automatic coffee makers?
  • Timer and automatic shut-off: The timer is a part of the programming unit. It also sets the warming time. The automatic shut-off works with the timer to turn the product off after 30 minutes or another specified length of time.
  • Programmable: The coffee-making product can be programmed for temperature, extraction type, brew type, brew capacity, and time of start or completion of the brew cycle.
  • Water tank: The water tank may hold water at room temperature or hotter in order to decrease the amount of time that it takes to complete a brewing cycle. The water tank may connect to a water supply line for an always-ready coffee maker.
  • Built-in grinder: A built-in grinder is available for grinding whole coffee beans so that they can be added to the built-in or paper filtration unit for extraction.
  • Cup-warming surface: The cup-warming surface warms a single cup or carafe. It may be located on the top of the unit or on a platform behind the spout where the hot liquid comes out of the machine after the extraction process.
What are these automatic coffee makers made from?
  • Plastic: The warming and brewing platforms, lids, sides, touch buttons, programming panels, power switches, and outer shells of the products may be made of plastic.
  • Glass: The carafe may be made of glass.
  • Stainless steel: The water tank, warming platform, pot, and outer shell may be made of stainless steel. If the product has a permanent filter, it may also be made of stainless steel.
What are the brewing capacities of an automatic coffee maker?
  • Single cup: There are coffee-brewer products designed for brewing a single cup of coffee at a time. The brewing process produces 6 to 12 ounces of coffee.
  • Multiple cups: There are brewers available that make 6 to 12 cups of coffee with ground beans in the filter.
  • Flexible options: Some of the brands coffee makers are designed to switch between single-cup brewing mode and pot-brewing mode.
How do you choose a Bunn automatic coffee brewer?
  • Select the power rating: The available power ratings include 600 to 899 watts, 900 to 1,199 watts, and 1,500 to 1,799 watts.
  • Choose a color: The brewers are available with silver, black, white, and gray finishes. They are also available in colors such as red, blue, and brown.
  • Select a type: Choose a coffee maker that brews multiple cups of coffee or a single cup.
  • Choose a carafe type: There are glass and stainless-steel options.
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