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CAP Dumbbells

CAP Dumbbells

CAP bells are available in a variety of different styles and weights for your regular workout routine.

What types of CAP dumbbells are available?

CAP makes several different types of dumbbells:

  • Hex designs: These feature hexagonal caps on the ends of each piece. The weighted caps get larger and heavier as sizes increase. Some caps are rubberized whereas others are metallic.
  • Fixed-weight dumbbells: These are sold individually or in pairs of a specific heaviness. For instance, someone might order a pair of ten-pound, fixed-increment dumbbells. This style is not adjustable. Fixed-weight dumbbells can be bought with others that are not necessarily chronological. For instance, someone could purchase a pair of eight-pound, fixed-increment dumbbells as well as a pair of fifteens together.
  • Set designs: These are sold in sets of consecutive increments. CAP makes different sets, and stands are available to hold each pair of weights in the set. Set designs come in different finishes; some are colored, and others are silver metal.
  • Adjustable designs: These look like mini barbells. They allow for different combinations of small plates to be stacked on each side in order to increase weight using the same tool rather than many different dumbbells of different weights.
What materials are CAP bells made from?

CAP bells come in metallic, rubberized, and colored finishes. Metallic designs come in a variety of shades from light to dark silver to grey. Rubberized styles are typically black at the ends and metallic through the middle. Colored versions are often rubberized or made of eco-friendly materials.

What weights are CAP bells available in?

Most sets of CAP dumbbells include weights up to 25, 50, or 100 pounds whether they are metallic, rubberized, or color-finished. The heaviest dumbbells may vary based on a particular set. Adjustable weights vary; most are available up to 40 or 50 pounds.

What exercises can be performed with CAP dumbbells?

Dumbbells are suitable for a variety of different exercises, including various types of raises, curls, presses, and extensions. Different muscle groups can be worked individually, including your chest, triceps, back, biceps, and shoulders. CAP dumbbells of different weights will likely be necessary for completing different types of exercises.

What are care tips for CAP bells?

After using CAP weights, sweat may remain on them. Use a mild, water-based household cleaner sprayed on a paper towel to wipe down each dumbbell after use or between uses. This minimizes the chances of damage to the weights and allows for the paper towel to be disposed of in order to eliminate bacteria.

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