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Accessorize With Chanel Hoop Earrings

Chanel hoop earrings are a great way to look fashionable. You can find designs for everyday wear as well as formal occasions. Shop eBay to find deals on a variety of different styles.

Different metals used for fashion earrings

Chanel hoop fashion earrings may use a variety of different metals. The fashion jewelry earrings are more budget-friendly and may be silver-plated or gold-plated. Fine jewelry earrings may be made from 18k or 24k gold (white, yellow, or rose) or even platinum. If you have sensitivities to certain metals, be sure that you look to see what base the metal is.

What types of fastening options are there?

You will want to look to see how the Chanel hoop earrings fasten to the ear. There are options available for pierced and non-pierced ears.

  • Clip-on: If your ears aren't pierced, you can use an earring that clips onto your earlobe.
  • Butterfly: These involve the post going through the pierced hole with a backing that resembles a butterfly going on the back.
  • Screw back: These involve a post as well as a screw that keeps the earrings in place.
  • Hook: These involve a post with a hinge so that the other side of the earring hooks onto the post from the back of the ear.

What embellishments are used to decorate Chanel hoop earrings?

As you shop for fashionable Chanel hoop earrings, there is a variety of materials that may be used to add glamour.

  • Stones: Precious gems, crystals, rhinestones, and other materials can be used to decorate the earrings.
  • Leather: Leather fringe or other embellishments may be found on the hoop.
  • Glass: Colored glass may be included around the hoop.

Some of the options when choosing Chanel hoop earrings

As you shop eBay for Chanel hoop earrings, there are a few things to look for. It will ensure that you get the earrings that you want to wear on a daily basis or for a special occasion.

  • Presence of the logo: The CC logo is a front and backwards "C" that is commonly found on many Chanel earrings.
  • Theme: Many earrings have a theme, such as flowers, signs, symbols, or statements.
  • Size: The size of the hoop can vary based on how low you want them to dangle.