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Calvin Klein Jeans Men's Dress Shirts

Calvin Klein's Jeans men’s dress shirts come in categories like the X-fit, the Steel slim fit, and the Regular fit. Patterns range from bold colors to prints and stripes. Standard and non-iron are the available materials.

What cuts of Calvin Klein men’s dress shirts are available?
  • X Fit: This style has tapered sleeves that get narrower at the wrists. Higher arm holes and a close cut across the chest and waist define this silhouette.
  • Steel Slim Fit: This style has the same tapered sleeves and higher arm holes but allows for room through the chest and waist.
  • Regular Fit: This dress shirt style features fuller sleeves, with relaxed arm holes, and a more generous cut through the torso and waist.
What styles of men’s dress shirts does Calvin Klein offer?
  • The X Fit ultra slim with an embroidered stripe: This dress shirt style is an example of the X Fit. It features a contrasting stripe stitched horizontally across the garment. Cotton stretch material, a point collar, a covered front placket, and a slim design create a streamlined silhouette.
  • The Steel Regular dress shirt with a deep purple check: This style is one of many steel slim fit shirts with non-iron performance that wicks away moisture. Cotton fabric, a checked gingham pattern in eggplant, a point collar, button front and cuffs, and tonal top stitching create a classic silhouette. Steel Slim Fit shirts also come in fabric that can be ironed regularly.
  • The Steel Regular non-iron herringbone: This style is available in gray, white, and blue. The steel regular is available in non-iron material and it has moisture-wicking material. Seaming details and a standard shape mean a lot of room for mobility. This is one of many regular cut shirts available.
How do you care for Calvin Klein men’s dress shirts?

Most of these dress shirts can be machine washed. Consider washing on a cool, gentle cycle, and drying on a hanger rather than in a dryer that uses hot air. Air drying will minimize the possibility of shrinking or altering the shape in any way, and will preserve the longevity of the shirt’s material. Utilize stain remover to tackle spills on dress shirts prior to any washing.

What materials are used by Calvin Klein for dress shirts?

Calvin Klein formal tops for men are made from different cotton blends that come in patterns like prints or stripes. Some are standard cotton blends, while others feature moisture-wicking technology and non-iron capability. Other Calvin Klein dress shirts include spandex or elastane for stretch and comfort. Some synthetic blends are also utilized to construct dress shirts.

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