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Facts About Canon All-in-One Printers

In 1992, Canon released the CJ-10, the world's first digital all-in-one printer, scanner, and full-color copier. This technological advancement allowed the public the option of having fewer devices while completing the same number of tasks, such as sending faxes, copying documents, or scanning forms. Updated all-in-one printers provide the same opportunity, and offer even more features than before.

What are the types of Canon all-in-one printers?

There are many types of all-in-printers available, including:

  • Inkjet: This is a printer in which the characters are formed by small jets of ink. The advantages of inkjet printers are their modest desktop footprint and lightweight feel. Some models are lightweight and transportable, which means they can be transported in and out of the office as needed.
  • Laser: This type of personal computer printer uses nonimpact, photocopier printing technology. These printers are designed for high-volume printing needs and typically require few refills.
What are the models of the Canon all-in-one printers?

The models of Canon all-in-one printers, include the following:

  • PIXMA TR8520 Wireless: This model features a 4.3-inch touchscreen LCD display, and up to 4800x1200 dots per inch (dpi) print resolution. It also includes faxing, printing, and scanning capabilities at 1200x2400 dpi.
  • PIXMA TS5120 Black Wireless: This Canon printer offers a 2.5-inch touchscreen LCD display, up to 2400x1200 dpi, and includes scanning capabilities at 1200x2400 dpi.
  • PIXMA TS6020 White Wireless: These printers have a 3-inch touchscreen LCD display and include scanning capabilities at 1200x2400 dpi.
  • PIXMA TS8020 Black Wireless: This model has a 4.3-inch touchscreen LCD display. It also includes scanning, faxing, and copying capabilities at a higher 2400x4800 dpi.
  • Image Class LBP214dw: This high-level model is a wireless, mobile, ready laser printer. The device prints in color and in black and white. It features up to 30 pages-per-minute print speed, with a paper cassette capacity of 250 sheets standard cassette. However, it does not have faxing capabilities.
What are some features of the Canon all-in-one printers?

These printers come with a range of features, from scanners to Bluetooth.

  • Scanner: This compartment scans documents and converts them into digital data that can be shared via the internet or printed as a hard copy easily.
  • Wi-Fi: This allows the printer to connect to any local wireless networks, whether that means an in-home network or mobile hotspot.
  • Bluetooth: This wireless feature allows the printer to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device within 30 feet of the machine. This is beneficial when sending items from a mobile device or laptop without Wi-Fi capabilities.