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Shopping for a Canon Large-Format Printer

If you are looking for a printer that prints on oversized paper, Canon has a number of different large-format printers that can fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a printer for an engineering office or you are an artist with a home business, these printers can produce the quality prints you need. You can find the a large-format printer and learn more about it here.

What is the basic construction of a large-format printer?

Also called wide-format printers, these printers are designed to print images onto oversized paper formats measuring between 18 and 100 inches wide. In the past, these printers were often used by engineers and architects to create large technical drawings. The first large-format printers were called plotters, because they used one or more individual pens to draw lines onto the paper as it spooled through the machine. Though this plotter technology has been replaced by more advanced printing technologies, these printers are still often called plotters.

What features should be considered when comparing large-format printers?

There are many features to consider depending on the use you have in mind for this type of printer. Here are a few of them:

  • Color or monochrome: If you intend to use a large-format printer for CAD or other line drawings, you may not need to print in color. Color printers will usually be inkjets, which can produce high quality color images.
  • Performance: Another consideration is how fast the printer needs to be. If you want it to serve an entire office floor, you will need to estimate the throughput you expect it to handle, and match that to a printer with that level of performance.
  • Image quality: Quality is another consideration to consider carefully. Technical drawings can have important features that can be difficult to reproduce, or you may need to produce photo-quality images.
What types of large-format printers are available from Canon?

Canon has been making professional-grade wide format printers for many years. Here are some examples of what is available:

  • Printer and scanner combos: These printers use inkjet printing technology and can also scan existing hard-copy images to reproduce them.
  • Monochrome printers: These printers are designed to print black and white or grey scale images only, which improves speed.
  • Graphic art printers: These printers are designed to produce professional quality art prints on large-format paper or other media.
  • Color inkjet printers: These printers produce color images using inkjet printing technology.
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