Car Bluetooth & Handsfree Calling Kits

Bring Hands-Free Functionality to Your Smartphone with a Bluetooth Car Kit

Whether you intend to use your smartphone in the car primarily for music or for phone conversations, a Bluetooth car kit allows for safe and clear sound by linking up your phone to the speakers of your car or to a worn earpiece or headset. Even older model cars with basic stereos can be made to link up to a Bluetooth hands-free car kit. Choose from eBays wide selection of wireless Bluetooth car kits available in new and secondhand condition to suit your personal hands-free automobile needs.

How does a Bluetooth for car stereo connect?

A Bluetooth hands-free car kit can connect to a cars stereo speakers in one of two ways. The first provides the better quality of sound as it is a wired connection to an auxiliary audio jack. The second uses an FM transmitter to send the audio of your phone to your cars radio.

What types of Bluetooth car kits are available?
  • Mounted speakerphones: Generally mounted on the cars sun visor or dash, these Bluetooth car speakerphones allow for hands-free calling without routing sound through the cars audio.
  • Hands-free calling kits: These kits do not use a separate speaker but run through the cars audio. They often permit other sounds, such as music or podcasts, to be muted at the time of an incoming call.
  • Audio streaming kits: In a stereo without an auxiliary jack, audio streaming kits use FM transmitters, making use of a dead spot on the radio dial to send internet radio and other audio from your phone to your cars stereo. These Bluetooth receivers for car AUX input can be trickier to use than corded connections.
  • Combination kits: Some Bluetooth car kits focus solely on either hands-free calls or the transmission of music. Combination kits for Bluetooth in the car do both and typically will mute any music you are playing when the call function is activated.
Why should you use a Bluetooth car kit?

Pairing up auto Bluetooth phone integration with car stereos allows for the legally safer function of hands-free, wireless calling. The features do not stop there with eBays selection of affordable Bluetooth car accessories, with some focusing on quality music sound while others permit both. Some kits also permit the interaction of the user and phone apps for higher functionality. The use of Bluetooth in car accessories makes for greater convenience, quality sound, and safer driving.