How to Choose a Car Phone Charger for the Galaxy S7

Keeping your Samsung Galaxy S7 powered up on the go shouldn't be difficult when you have a compatible car charger. These charging accessories keep your device powered up, so you don't have to worry about the inconvenience of a dead battery when you're away from home. 

What Are Some Features of Car Chargers?

You may want to pick a charger for your vehicle based on the kinds of features the accessory offers. Though their primary purpose is to power up your phone, there are varied features that may make the charging process more efficient. 

  • A wireless car charger lets you use a charging mat instead of plugging a USB cord in to power up your smartphone. These generally mount to your dash and are convenient and portable, allowing you to see your device while it's charging next to the steering wheel.
  • Some chargers feature multiple ports, allowing you to juice up not only your mobile phone but perhaps a tablet or other family members' devices along with your phone.
  • Fast-charging models quick-charge phones when you're in a hurry and need at least a half charge before you jump out of the car.

Which Brands Make Smartphone Car Chargers?

You'll want to consider some common brands before you settle on a charger. Each brand offers its own unique features and may use various connectivity types to power up your Android cell phone.

  • Anker offers fast chargers that have multiple ports and even has adapters for different devices. These quality chargers are made of sturdy materials like metal and come in colors like red, black, or white. 
  • Check into Belkin dual-port chargers for quick charging and connectivity options, such as USB, Micro USB, and USB-C.
  • A Samsung-branded charger may have dual ports and a fast-charge option, along with an adapter for various connectivity types. They plug into your car's cigarette lighter for convenient, fast charging on the go.

How Do You Select the Right Car Charger?

It's wise to weigh a few considerations before you decide on a charger, as you may find some features more essential than others.

  • Choose how many ports you need. For family travel, consider a situation in which every family member might need to charge their smartphone, and then make sure that you have enough ports for that to happen.
  • Think about connectivity, such as whether you want a USB, Lightning, or even a wireless charger, or purchase adapters for different devices to charge at once.
  • Consider whether features like quick-charging or a charger you can mount is important to you when you're looking at the available models.