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Coach Men's Briefcase/Attache Bags

Coach Briefcases and Attache Bags for Men

Since its founding in 1961, Coach has produced a variety of leather goods for men and women. Although the company is most known for its purses, Coach has offered mens wallets and bags since its inception. Coachs leather briefcases and laptop bags are functional accessories.

What is the difference between briefcases and attache cases?

While the terms are used interchangeably, a leather briefcase and an attache case do have subtle differences. Traditionally, an attache bag is smaller, has two compartments, and is used for carrying papers. A briefcase is a larger bag that typically has one compartment. Coach leather bags, crossbody totes, messenger bags, and laptop bags do not differentiate between the two, but vintage Coach bags can be divided along traditional descriptions.

Will a Coach briefcase fit a laptop?

Yes. Many Coach briefcases can also function as a laptop case, as there is ample room in the bag for papers, files, and a laptop or tablet. Most Coach briefcases have a separate padded area for protection of your laptop. The carrying capacity for vintage Coach cases will vary according to style, so youll want to consider the measurements carefully. Most options can accommodate a 15-inch device.

What type of handle do Coach briefcases have?

Most Coach laptop bags offer both a crossbody strap and a leather handle. If you choose to carry the Coach briefcase in your hand, you can easily detach the crossbody strap from the briefcase via the metal hooks. You can also shorten it in order to carry the briefcase or laptop bag on one shoulder instead of across your chest.

What colors are available in the Coach briefcase line?

Some featured colors for the Coach mens messenger bag, briefcase, and backpack lines are black, grey, and brown leather. Coach offers multiple variations of both brown and grey in their briefcases and laptop bags. The company also includes more vibrant colors throughout the briefcase line, including off-white, denim, and oxblood-colored leathers.

Coach briefcases arent limited to traditional leather fabric; other material options include CORDURA fabric with leather accents, crocodile-embossed leather, or sport calf leather.

What should you look for in a vintage Coach briefcase?

When purchasing a vintage briefcase, youll want to look for the metal Coach logo on the outside or the stamped Coach logo on the interior of the bag. Many vintage cases dont have a lining; these werent standard until later years. A true vintage Coach bag will have soft, pebbled leather with clean, reinforced seams on both the interior and exterior. A vintage Coach look with tech-era detailing can be found in the Coach Saddle briefcase, which reworks a 1970s vintage Coach silhouette with laptop and mobile phone pockets.

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