Collectible Tasmanian Devil Items

How to Select The Right Collectible Tasmanian Devil Items

Bugs Bunny, Tweety Pie, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian and Sylvester the Cat are just some of the members of the world famous Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon family. But arguably the wildest Looney Tunes character of all is Taz, the Tasmanian Devil. Constantly growling, spinning and snarling, Taz is always on the go. So, its no wonder he appeals so strongly to Looney Tunes fans of all ages.

What are the Advantages of Buying Tasmanian Devil Collectibles Online?

  • Price Advantage: There is a huge price advantage animated cartoon character toys and collectibles online. Due their popularity and the respected Warner Bros. name, these items are often listed at steep prices in stores. Luckily, online it is easy to track down contemporary and vintage Looney Tunes collectibles at affordable prices.
  • Internationally Adored Character: Even the most seasoned parent can find shopping for toys and appealing kids collectibles a nightmare. But, as Taz is a cartoon character adored by boys and girls around the world, Taz collectibles are a safe pick.
  • Range of Products Available: One of the biggest advantages to shopping for Tasmanian Devil collectibles online is the sheer range of products available. Some of the items listed online include: denim jackets, figurines, mugs, decor items, artworks and cookie jars.

What is the History behind Taz, The Tasmanian Devil?

  • Character Origins and Personality: Taz was created by Robert McKimson and based on the carnivorous marsupial native to Tasmania: The Tasmanian Devil. Taz is always ravenously hungry and is appearance includes many references to his devilish nature. It was revealed in the 1957 short Bedeviled Rabbit that his first name is Claude. His one weakness is that nearly any kind of music calms him.
  • Character History: The character gained particularly popularity in the 1990s, starring in his own series, Taz-Mania. He also featured in the Baby Looney Tunes lineup.
  • Interactions with Other Cartoon Characters: Throughout his history, Taz has faced off against a number of other famous cartoon characters. For example, an alternate version of the character appeared in the 2017 DC Comics/Looney Tunes crossover comics. In this series he faced off against Wonder Woman herself in the Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil Special.

What are Some of the Other Tasmanian Devil Accessories Online?

If youve got a major Taz lover in your life, why not consider gifting them a toy inspired by the real life Tasmanian Devil?

  • Soft Toys: There are plenty of gorgeous soft toy Tasmanian Devils available online at affordable prices.
  • Puppets: There are also soft Tasmanian Devil hand puppets listed online. These are perfect for interactive play and can even be used when reading along to Looney Tunes comics and story books.

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