Коллекционные винтажные боевые ножи с фиксированным лезвием

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Combat Collectible Vintage Fixed Blade Knives

For the collector, combat collectible vintage fixed blade knives are available in a variety of categories. A vintage fixed blade knife can be chosen by blade type, blade materials, handle type, or handle materials.

What kinds of grip material are available?

Artificial materials, such as plastic and rubber, can be used alone to make the grip or as a covering for solid fixed blade knife handles to give a better grip. However, natural materials have been used since ancient times, including:

  • Bone: Knife handles, which are quite prevalent, can be dyed vivid colors and vibrant designs. It can also be textured to form a solid grip.
  • Horn Similar to bone, horn, including antler, can be dyed and carved into grips.
  • Leather: These grips are also seen on collectible traditional military knives. They are available in two styles: leather-wrapped grips and those made of compressed leather washers. Both involve the use of an adhesive, such as contact cement or epoxy. Typically, on the leather-wrapped grips, the leather is wrapped around a firmer material, such as wood and metal.
  • Wood: Like bone and horn, wood has been used for knife grips since the ancient times.
What are the blades of fixed blade knives made of?
  • Carbon steel: Also known as tool steel, carbon steel has a high carbon content.
  • Stainless steel: This metal is an alloy of various materials, including iron, carbon, chromium, and vanadium. Carbon adds strength to the iron, chromium helps make the iron corrosion-resistant, and vanadium is added to make the metal less brittle.
  • Damascus steel: It can be formed by layering small thin sheets iron and steel, heating them to the melting point, hammering them flat, and then repeating over and over until the blade acquires a wave pattern that resembles running water.
What types of blades are available in combat collectible knives?
  • Clip point: This is quite prevalent. The spine of the blade appears to be clipped off toward the point. The clip may also appear either straight or as a concave curve.
  • Drop point: With this one, the blade has a spine that gently slopes from the handle to the blade's tip. The slope of the drop point is uniformly convex.
  • Karambit: This blade features a small, curved knife of southeast Asian origin that resembles the talon or claw.
  • Spear point: This blade drops evenly along the spine and the cutting edge and forms a blade much like the point of a spear.
  • Tanto: This blade features a chisel-type point copied from some of the Japanese Samurai swords. Commonly seen in search and rescue equipment, the tanto point is used for puncturing and penetrating.