Collectible Western Americana Belt Buckles

How to Choose a Collectible Western Belt Buckle

When youre looking for a way to add personality to your outfit or express your love for western history and Americana, theres one fashion accessory that can do it all. The western belt buckle is unlike any other and offers a lot more flair than standard buckles do. If youre trying to emulate the classic cowboy look or just want a western vibe for your outfit, these belts are the way to go. Collectible western belt buckles can be vintage, second hand, or brand new, and theyre fascinating items for new and old collectors alike.

What Styles of Western Belt Buckles Are There?

Western belt buckles are usually quite attention grabbing and its important to gauge your initial reaction when looking for one to give you an idea of your taste. Some might prefer the traditional cowboy belt buckle whereas others will want diamonds and silver adorning theirs. You may want to memorialize something in your western belt so having it engraved will be important or you could be looking for a special antique piece, so theres a lot to consider.

  • Metals: Gold and silver are popular choices for western belt buckles and even come in two-tone and tri-color designs.
  • Western Designs: Some buckles have intricate western scenes, featuring animals like eagles and horse engraved into them and others arent as dramatic.
  • Stones: Gemstones and diamonds can work into the design of a cowboy belt buckle for more personality.
  • Shapes: The most common shapes for these cowboy accessories are oval and rectangle. Some may even come in the shape of a specific landscape or image like a horseshoe.
  • Strap: Most belt buckles sell without a belt, but some believe the strap is just as important as the buckle itself.
  • Condition: There are antique, vintage, and second hand belt buckles available and in varying conditions.

How Do I Care for My Collectible Belt Buckles?

A collectible belt buckle refers to one thats worth looking after. It doesnt matter the cost or condition when you buy it, these classic pieces of Americana need regular care. Whether you want to keep it for yourself or have plans on passing your antique belt on some day, there are a few things you can do to look after them.

  • Cleaning metals: Whether you have silver, gold or alloy on your cowboy belt buckle, you need to keep them in good condition with a specified metal cleaner.
  • Polishing: Certain types of belt with diamonds and stones may require extra polishing to keep them in good condition.
  • Storage: When youre not wearing your cowboy buckle, store it away in a safe place out of direct sunlight.

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