Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Collins Radio Transmitters, Transceivers, and Parts

When you enjoy broadcasting over amateur radio or you are away from home a lot and need access to a variety of communications, it helps to have the right transmitter, transceiver, and related parts. A quality radio transmitter or transceiver allows you to send and receive essential information and gain access to updates about weather, traffic, sports, news, and more. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of types of new and used Collins radio transmitters, transceivers, and parts.

How do you choose Collins transmitters, transceivers, or replacement parts?

When you are shopping for Collins transmitters, transceivers, or replacement parts for these products, consider their:

  • Condition: There are new, used, manufacturer's refurbished, and parts-only options available.
  • Type: Choose a transmitter or transceiver for amateur radio.
  • Manufacturer: Select original-equipment-manufacturer parts or aftermarket parts.
  • Update kits: There are update kits available to add to the functionality of the transmitter or transceiver.
  • Power status: Choose transceivers with or without a power supply.
What are the available types of Collins radio replacement parts?

The available types of new and used radio replacement parts on eBay include:

  • Power supplies: These adapt the power from the AC outlet the unit is plugged into.
  • Face plates: These fit onto the front of the unit.
  • Knobs and switches: These control the functions of the radios.
  • Cabinets: This is the housing that the electronic parts fit into.
  • Cooling fans: This moves hot air out of the housing.
What are some features of affordable Collins radio transmitters?

Some of the features of durable Collins radio transmitters available on eBay include:

  • Headphone jacks: These allow you to listen to transmissions through your headphones or earbuds.
  • Microphones: Speak into a handheld microphone for clearer broadcasts.
  • Analog controls: These allow you to make manual adjustments for station setup and tuning.
  • Legs: The bottom of the housing has legs to hold it up. This facilitates heat dissipation.
What are the available functions of a Collins radio transceiver?

The functions of a Collins radio transceiver include:

  • Gain balancing: Adjust the AF or RF gain on incoming transmissions.
  • Mic gain: Make adjustments to the mic gain on your outgoing transmissions.
  • PA tuning: Update the frequency that you are broadcasting on a public-address system.
  • Emission mode: Select CW, upper-side band, or lower-side band.
  • Rejection and exciter tuning: Clarify the audio quality of the transmissions by making incremental adjustments.