Color Laser Printers

Get the Images You Need With a Color Laser Printer

When youre trying to print out a flyer or graphs so that you can let others know what youve been working on, having a color printer can be key. A color laser printer can be used at home, at school, or at the office to print out documents and images for personal or professional reasons. The printer options that are available range from devices that function exclusively as print-only devices to those that have additional capabilities.

How do laser printers work?

A laser printer uses a laser to build up static electricity. The static electricity, which is built up into a pattern based on what you are printing, attracts a powdered ink. That ink is commonly referred to as toner. To make sure the toner can bond to the paper, a fuser unit is utilized. The fuser unit looks like two hot rollers, which use their laser heat and pressure to permanently affix the ink into the fibers of the paper.

What colors do laser printers use?

Generally, color laser printers use four toner colors:

  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Black

What are some options in terms of multifunctional laser printing?

Each color of toner works independently, and they have to be in tune with one another to create the precise shades that you require. Color printers can also be set to print in grayscale, which means that your papers will come out in black, gray, and white.

Are there wireless laser printers?

Depending on your needs, you may prefer a color laser printer that can do more than print. There are several laser printers that have functions like wireless networking and high-speed scanning. Some all-in-one color laser printers can also work as:

  • Scanners: You can scan documents and save them as digital files.
  • Copying machines: With the touch of a button, you can make one or multiple copies of a document. Some laser printers come with one or more paper trays for multifunction printing, such as making double-sided prints.
  • Fax machines: In some situations, having a fax machine at your desk may be convenient; you can find color printers that offer that functionality.

Yes, there are wireless models available. Wireless printers come in handy when you have multiple devices that you would like to connect to your printer. They also eliminate wires and create a more streamlined look in a workspace. Some models use Bluetooth and high speed Wi-Fi to communicate with computers and other devices on the same network.

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