Conch Shells

Collect and Decorate With Conch Shells

Conch shells are the spiral shells of mollusks, which are sea snails that reside in the ocean, that you can purchase on eBay. The shell of the conch will grow thicker the longer the conch lives. Elaborate and colorful, conch shells are used for decoration, crafts, and jewelry-making, as well as rudimentary bugles and planters.

Where are conchs found?

Conchs are widely found on the Caribbean coasts, the Florida Keys, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. They can also be found in the Mediterranean and Indo-Pacific oceans. Their preferred habitats are warm, shallow waters in reefs and among seagrass. Conchs have been known to live up to 40 years and can grow to over 12 inches in length.

What are some uses for conch shells?

Although some people might choose conch shells to create a unique collection, there are a variety of other lifestyle uses for these unique creatures, including:

  • Tools - Historically, shells of conchs have been used as practical tools, cookware, and musical instruments. Shells were deep enough to be water vessels and carriers. They were used to make chisels and knives and as cooking utensils. By removing the small tip of the shell to form a mouthpiece, shells have also been turned into horns. These instruments were used for religious purposes and communication.
  • Decor - The soft color tones of the shell will fit most decors, and simply placing a whole conch shell in a room will imbue it with a nautical feel. Large conchs can stand alone, or you can use smaller conchs as part of a seashell collection.
  • Planters - You can use the shells as decorative planters. Try planting some succulents, air plants, and plants that may require less moisture if you do not want to drill a drainage hole into the shell.
  • Crafts - These shells are beautiful and versatile in many craft and decorating ideas. Using your imagination, almost anything can be created with these.
What are some types of conchs?

Conchs come in various colors such as tan, light pink, yellow, and orange. They are usually medium- to large-sized shells. Some have recognizable coloring and patterns, such as:

  • Rooster - Golden brown, creamy with brown streaks
  • Haitian fighting conch - Pale brown or yellowish orange
  • Silver lip - White with brown blotches and dots
  • Crown - Purple or brown-gray with a white to yellow-white spiral bands
How do you choose seashells for crafting?

There are many varieties of conch shells to choose from for crafting purposes. Consider the scope and size of the craft project you are interested in creating. Determine the number of shells you will need and the size. Think about the color scheme of the craft; that will factor into the color and shades of seashells you decide to purchase. Determine how the size, shape, and color of the shells will complement the other materials you will be using.