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Learn more about Cutter & Buck Clothing

Cutter & Buck is a manufacturer of golf and tournament apparel, sportswear, and casual wear. Its ever-changing line of contemporary sports apparel is consistently made of materials that are breathable and durable.

What is Cutter & Buck DryTec?

DryTec is a type of moisture-wicking technology. This technology draws moisture away from your body toward the surface of the fabric where the moisture evaporates. DryTec fabric typically consists of very thin layers of extremely lightweight, durable material. Some of the material attracts water (hydrophilic) and some of the other material repels water (hydrophobic).

With DryTec, an inner layer of hydrophilic material draws the water away from your skin. The moisture passes directly to the finer outer layer of hydrophobic material, where the moisture evaporates. Evaporation continuously drives the moisture-wicking action so you can stay dry.

What sizes are available at Cutter & Buck?

Apparel sizes for men range from small to triple extra large. All sizes feature a spectrum of neck, chest, waist, and sleeve length measurements. Available neck measurements range from 15.5 to 20.5 inches, chests from 36 to 56 inches, waists from 31 to 53 inches, and sleeve lengths from 32.5 to 36 inches. This also includes big and tall.

What is Cutter & Buck’s WeatherTec technology?

WeatherTec technology refers to a wind- and water-resistant fabric treatment that the company uses on its fleece, vests, and jackets. WeatherTec may include a combination of polyester insulation and a polyester outer shell treated with Teflon. Items featuring WeatherTec vary seasonally, but a few recent examples include:

  • World Series Champions
  • Barlow Pass
  • Beacon V-Neck Windshirt

What type of casual wear does Cutter & Buck make?

The company manufactures shirts, sweaters, half-zips, outerwear, pants, shorts, and golf performance wear. Each category contains subcategories that fluctuate seasonally. For example, the selection of shirts sometimes includes polos, over knits, and button-down shirts. Sweater vests, crew neck styles, and V-neck styles are fairly common. The outerwear category includes lightweight coats and vests. Golf performance apparel features a selection of tops and bottoms that are designed to keep you dry.

Why does Cutter & Buck apparel show other logos?

Cutter & Buck is an official supplier of tournament apparel and corporate promotional wear. It's not uncommon to see customized Cutter & Buck polos, button-down tops, and outerwear. You'll come across Cutter & Buck PGA polos, Mountain Dew 25th Anniversary vests, and Cutter & Buck apparel that feature logos for national and international sports teams, associations, and leagues.

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