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How to Choose the Right Laptop Power Supply Unit

Whether you're building a computer rig yourself or selecting a pre-built Dell ATX computer, you need to understand the advantages and key features of the power supply unit (PSU). This supplies continuous power to a PC and mounts in the rear section of your computer case. The brand houses these computers in ATX form factor cases, the largest available case size. In order to build an ATX computer, you must select a motherboard, case, and PSU of the same designation. 

What is a PSU?

The power supply is arguably one of the most important hardware components in any computer system. The PSU converts alternating current (AC) from your main electricity outlets into direct current (DC). DC current powers the other pieces of hardware in a computer system, regulating voltage peaks and dynamically adjusting AC. Without the PSU, there would be no way for your computer to function. Here are some of the most important things you should know about PSUs before building or choosing an ATX computer: 

  • Form Factor: The form factor of the power supply unit refers to the size and type of pin connector that the hardware component supports. The ATX form factor is relatively common and often appears in both standard and professional gaming PCs. 
  • Total Wattage: The wattage rating of your power supply refers to the total amount of power it can supply to your computer at any one time. 
  • Certification: The 8 Plus certification system in power supply units is common in all models. The certification marker refers to the efficiency of the power unit. 

What to look out for in a PSU for a Dell ATX Tower Computer?

Not all PSUs are made equally. Before choosing your PSU, you should consider its compatibility with the other ATX hardware components in your computer. Here are three other factors to consider when mounting the power supply unit:

  • Hardware Compatibility: Before committing, double check to make sure you have chosen a power supply unit with ATX form factor. If you want a full ATX computer, it's important to understand that the PSU, computer case, and motherboard must all have the same form factor or else the PC will not turn on. 
  • Cooling Capacity: Because the PSU supplies power to the entire computer, it can become quite hot during sustained use of your PC. To prevent overheating, your case should have ample room for air intake and circulation. The cooling capacity of your computer model can further increase by adding more case fans or setting up a liquid cooling system. 
  • Cable Management: Depending on how you want to display your computer system, you might want to check how obtrusive your power supply cord and power pins are. Standard power supply connectors can often hide in the back section of your case. 

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