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How to Select a Dexter Commercial Washer or Dryer

When you need a durable, powerful washer or dryer for commercial use, the Dexter line of products can meet your needs. Commercial washing and drying machines are made to withstand consistent use cycle after cycle. This may save you money in terms of electricity use and parts.

What kind of machines are made by Dexter?

Dexter Laundry makes a variety of machines for every type of application. The company manufactures vendor-style washers and dryers for coin laundry businesses open to the public. Coin operated washers can handle 20 lbs. to 90 lbs. of washables, and 30 lbs. to 80 lbs. for drying. Dexter also produces models suitable for on-site laundering. The typical setting for this line of products includes hospitals, jails, schools, and hotels. This line of models have wash capacities up to 90 lbs., and drying capacities of up to 120 lbs. You can find a large variety of these used or refurbished machines on eBay.

What is a stack washer and dryer?

A stack washer and dryer is simply a unit that contains both machines arranged vertically. Stack combinations are good for areas with limited space. Dexter models are also laundry efficient because they can wash and dry within an hour's time. Some of Dexter's stack products include:

  • T-750 SWD Express with a capacity of 50 lbs.
  • T-450 with a capacity of 30 lbs.
  • T-350 with a capacity of 20 lbs.
What are the O-series controls by Dexter?

The O-Series controls make washing and drying more efficient for the user. Unlike the traditional 6-cycle system, the O-Series allows you to program up to 100 cycles and 20 stages. It also has a multi-lingual, color display that can report statistics about the dryer's efficiency. Industrial users can also take advantage of the 10-port chemical injection option for the washer, and fire prevention features.

When will you need replacement parts for a dryer?

When a dryer doesn't dry, it is usually due to a lack of hot air. A tool called a multi-meter is useful for checking the health of the heating element parts. This device is used to check the amount of voltage that is circulating. If the voltage is deficient, it may be necessary to purchase new parts.