Diesel Military Surplus Industrial Generators

Keep Your Lights Bright with a Military Surplus Generator

eBay stocks a variety of military surplus generators, such as the Onan line from Cummins. Many of these generators use diesel combustion and run on fuel. If you are searching for a generator to meet your power needs, knowing what types you might find on eBay could help you find the product that meets your specifications.

What is the maximum output for military surplus generators?

You can shop for generators on eBay according to their maximum output levels if you wish. Most manufacturers list a generators output in terms of watts (W) or kilowatts (kW). If you find a specific model you like, you can check the manufacturers site for output numbers related to that model. Some common outputs for these generators include:

  • 5 kilowatts
  • 15 kilowatts
  • 25 kilowatts
Can you choose generators with various phases?

Most generators operate using one of two different phase systems:

  • Single: A single-phase generator produces one voltage that tends to alternate continuously. You may be able to use this type of generator to power any single-phase electrical system.
  • Multi or triple: This type of generator uses three power wires that are out of sync with one another. This system may allow you to carry a stream of power at both a steady and constant rate. You may wish to use this type of generator to handle larger loads that require more power.
Why should you buy a used generator?

The benefit of buying a used generator is that you know someone tested it. It should be in working order once you receive it. If the item saw only light use, it may be almost new and perform like a new product. In addition to used generators, eBay may offer demonstration generators as well. These generators were part of a display but should still operate like new, working generators in most cases.

What brands are available?

eBay hosts diesel generator products from several brands. If you already have a favorite brand or would simply like to peruse products from a particular brand, you may find some of the brands listed below on the site:

  • CAT: An American corporation that develops and manufactures its own heavy equipment to a worldwide network.
  • John Deere: A brand name of Deere & Company that manufactures heavy equipment across a variety of industries.
  • Onan: A line of generators produced under the Cummins brand.