Ducati Motorcycle Collectibles

Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer with headquarters in Bologna. This company makes a wide variety of motorcycles. You may find memorabilia to commemorate your favorite motorcycle models in this collection.

What types of wearable collectible items does Ducati offer?

There are a number of different wearable collectibles offered by this brand. Options include:

  • Polo shirts: These shirts are covered with text and logos that reference this brand. Most of these shirts are made for men.
  • Commemorative pins: These pins feature this brand's logo, and they are intended to be attached to a shirt or jacket. They often feature black text on a gold background.
What types of wall art collectibles are offered?

A number of collectibles are available that are designed to be mounted on a wall. A few examples of wall art items that commemorate this brand are:

  • Posters: These paper wall hangings feature various bikes that have been manufactured by this brand. Most of these posters measure about 2 feet by 3 feet, and they usually feature bright colors.
  • Metal wall art: This type of wall art is like a poster, but it is made of metal instead of paper. There are usually a few holes punched across the face of the metal to allow mounting with nails or screws. These collectible items feature pictures of bikes made by this company, and they are usually offered in bright colors.
  • Neon signs: These lighted signs usually feature this brand's logo. Some of them are vintage signs that were used at actual shops operated by this brand. These signs are usually about 2 feet square, and they are offered in a number of different colors including pink, yellow, blue, red, and green.
What other types of collectible items are available?

This brand offers a number of other collectible items, including:

  • Vintage ads: These are ads that were used to promote bikes made in the past. These ads are usually black and white, and they feature images of bikes made by this brand. They also feature ad copy regarding the bike that is featured. Most of these ads cover a single page, and they are usually decades old.
  • Articles: These collectible items are snippets from newspaper articles about motorcycles made by this company. Some of these articles are also taken from magazines. Most of these articles are one page in length, and they usually feature both pictures and text. Some of these collectible items can consist of multiple pages, and they are usually printed in black and white.
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