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Epson Printers

As the technology industry continues to advance, so does the capability of home printers, which are able to quickly complete large-volume jobs as well as vibrant photographs. Many customers require their at-home printer to handle everything from coupons and reports to pictures for the family photo album, and Epson's selection of inkjet, photo-specific, and all-in-one printers has a variety of options to suit those needs.

What is the difference between an inkjet and laser printer?

  • Inkjet: Epson inkjet printers can effectively print items such as tickets and photographs. Inkjet printers can print in both color and black and white, and they are engineered to produce high-quality color prints.
  • Laser: These printers are more geared toward high-volume printing needs, as they are efficient and thrive in office settings where producing large numbers of text documents is needed. The printers' ink cartridges contain a large amount of ink, so you are able to print more pages and orders without needing to replace them too often.

What is an Epson all-in-one?

Epson's all-in-one products are machines that combine a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine all in one unit. These Epson devices prevent the need for multiple machines, which is ideal for home use, as desk space can often be limited. These multifunctional machines have the capability to address various printing needs.

What is Epson Connect?

Epson Connect permits you to wirelessly link your tablet, smartphone, or computer to a nearby Epson printer, allowing you to print photos, emails, webpages, PDFs, Dropbox files, and Microsoft Office files from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint directly from your device. Additionally, Epson has partnered with Apple, making all of Epson's printers compatible with Apple devices, including iPads, iPhones, iPods, and Mac devices. These abilities are available using Epson's iPrint app.

How does Epson's email printing work?

Each Epson printer is provided with its own email address, and this email address can be changed once a customer purchases the product. Because each printer is identified by a unique email, you are able to access and print from your Epson printer no matter where you are. There is also a feature that allows you to limit the profiles that are able to send and print documents to the printer, providing extra security for you and your printer.

What is Epson EcoTank?

Epson offers their EcoTank option with a large number of their printers. These printers do not utilize cartridges; they use super-sized ink tanks instead. These tanks can be easily filled by the customer by using the ink replacement bottles that come with the printer. Each printer comes with replacement ink that can last for up to two years and print more than 11,000 pages, and the ink colors are easily refillable as there is an auto-stop feature on each bottle that prevents overfilling.