French Provincial Antique Sofas & Chaises

French Provincial Antique Sofas Chaises

Among the many things that the French are well known for is lart de Vivre, which translates to the art of living. Ranging from the fine wine to the historic Eiffel tower and the Provence fields, the people of France have an exclusive taste. Their solid wood antique French Provincial sofa and furniture is one of the testaments to their lavish lives. The 19th Century French provincial upholstery is still a hit in modern homes today.

How Do You Determine an Antique Piece?

When distinguishing between an old piece of furniture and a stylish one, one may be tempted to judge it based on the price. In regards to French furniture, the design of the sofas, for instance, was determined by the king who was reigning at the time.

The style of each king was therefore differentiated from that of the others. For most of them, however, French provincial sofa and armchairs were made of solid wood, unlike the modern ones that are tufted and have more urbane looks.

However, there was some overlapping in style, with a difference in only a few additions. The name of a piece of furniture and sofa by extension is derived from the ruler. For example, if the current ruler was Louis XV, that piece would be named Louis XV buffet or a period buffet.

How to Make Furniture Look a Little Antique-y and French?

The living room speaks volumes about your personality and decorative style. A living room with a French provincial interior decor with Victorian French seats, chest, and drawers can be revolutionized to give them an antique look. French provincial tufted seats will add more life to your living room making it look modernized.

When you antique your furniture, you are recreating a new illusory story. It is vital to focus on the low points, such as crevices where dust might have accumulated.

French Provincial Polish Formula for Antique Furniture Finishing. Whats Your Best?

There are different ways you can use to make your French provincial loveseat sofa stand out. Most of them include various painting and aging techniques you can use. The best combination is achieved by merging available ones. For example, there is the chalk paint, using paint and stain, and waxes.

  • Antique furniture paints: Milk and chalk paint plus some small containers of acrylic paints are essential for ornamental detailing. They are soaked in stain, but they look like paint.
  • Using chalk paint: This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to use the French provincial antique style. No need to sand your piece. Only waxing is needed without distressing it.

How Do You Re-upholster a French Provincial Sofa?

Upholstery has a lot to do with face-lifting the condition of a hand-carved chair. For example, the fabric, especially at the armrest of the French provincial sofa, is the largest culprit. Additionally, the fabric might have had an appalling paint job. The below procedure can be used to re-upholster:

  • Remove the piping which will give you a better picture as to how the furniture material was set up.
  • Label the pieces to utilize as a pattern for the new fabric. A major mistake most people do it to repaint the wood. Doing this will make it impossible to upholster over the present fabric.
  • Cut the new fabric piece and affix it on the upholstered settee.

In reupholstering, use of tufted French provincial sofa has been a growing trend, tufting of especially French provincial sofa loveseat is common. A tufted armchair and French provincial sofa are achieved by threading through fabric and leather layers and in different ways too.