G Scale Model Railroad Train Tracks

G Scale Model Railroad Train Tracks

G scale trains are frequently used in flower gardens and other outdoor displays. They are on scales of 1:22.5, 1:24, 1:29, and 1:32 of their real-life counterparts. Despite the differences in scale, the wheelbases on the engines and cars are universal so that you can use engines and cars from any manufacturer on your track.

What track pieces should you get to create a layout?

Before you get too many track pieces, the first step is to plan your layout. Draw a rough sketch of your layout on paper and decide how much space you have available for your entire setup. As an aid, refer to the exact measurements for the different pieces available. After you have planned your layout, you can determine what and how many of each piece you need to create your layout. Keep the following in mind when selecting G scale track pieces:

  • Straight tracks can come in varying lengths. Using longer pieces is better than using a lot of shorter pieces.
  • Curved tracks can come in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 15-inch curves. If you have room, using the widest curve possible is the best idea, especially if you are using longer engines and cars.
  • Right and left turnouts are pieces that switch the train from one route to another. You usually need a pair of these.
What manufacturers make G scale tracks?
  • LGB started making large scale model trains in 1968. LGB was bought out by Marklin in 2007.
  • Bachmann has been in business since 1833, but it entered the model railroading business in 1968.
  • Aristocraft Trains started in the model railroading business in 1935 and added large scale trains in 1988. They closed in 2013.
  • USA Trains opened in 1972 and started manufacturing large scale trains in 1982.
Can tracks be used from different manufacturers?

Getting tracks from the same brand makes setting up your layout easier because there are some differences in the height of the rails and the shape of joiners between different brands. With a little effort, rail clamps, and conductive grease paste, however, pieces from different brands can be connected.

What material is used to make G scale tracks?

G scale tracks can be made with brass that will withstand all weather conditions. The tracks can also be made from aluminum that is naturally oxidation resistant as well as stainless steel.

Are the terms scale and gauge interchangeable?

As stated earlier, scale refers to the relation between the size of model trains and real-life counterparts. Gauge is the distance between the rails of the tracks. Model railroad tracks can be found in standard and narrow gauges.