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Garmin Hunting Dog Tracking System Collars

Things to Know Before Buying Garmin Tracking Collars and Systems

Follow your hunter’s movement with Garmin GPS dog trackers. These tracking devices pinpoint your hound’s precise location. Continue reading to learn how Garmin GPS tracking systems can help you keep tabs on your hound.

What types of dog tracking systems does Garmin make?

Garmin offers a variety of devices for tracking and training, which can be used for hunting, limiting annoying barking, or enforcing discipline. The most common types of affordable Garmin tracking collars and handheld receivers available on eBay are:

  • Multi-dog: This type of device allows you to track several hounds simultaneously. They may feature a color display, preloaded maps, and hunt metrics to analyze speed, distance, and time in the field.
  • Training and tracking: Some GPS dog tracking systems come equipped with up to 18 training levels, as well as a behavior circuit to let you know when the dog is running, barking, or treeing its prey.
  • High sensitivity: Models with a high-sensitivity receiver allow you to track your hound for up to 9 miles.
How do you know if receiver and transmitter are compatible?

Dog tracking collars need a transmitter for the dog to wear and a receiver for the handler to control. Yet, not all Garmin tracking collars work in unison with every handheld device. Therefore, when buying these units separately on eBay, it is imperative that you check for compatibility. Options include:

  • Alpha 100: Alpha 100 handheld devices work with DC 50, T 5, TT 10, and T15 tracking collars. They have the capability of tracking up to 20 dogs and come equipped with over a dozen training levels.
  • Astro 220: The Astro 220 operates with DC 20, DC 30, and DC 40 collars and feature a unique pinpoint system to locate your dog’s position.
  • Astro 320: With the Astro 320, you can track up to ten dogs with multiple handsets when using T 5, TT 15, and DC series tracking collars.
  • Astro 430: When paired with the DC 50, T 5, TT 10, T5 collars, Astro 430 receivers allow you to view Fido’s distance and observe his activities.
  • Astro 900: The Astro 900 works with T9 devices and feature high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS satellite reception for tracking up to 20 dogs in challenging environments.
Features in Garmin dog collar tracking systems

Consider these options to enhance your hunting experience:

  • Rescue mode: This feature helps preserve battery life in the event it drops below 25%.
  • Collar lock: The Collar Lock option allows you to create a 4-digit PIN to prevent others from tracking your hound.
  • MicroSD card slot: Some systems like the Astro 320 come equipped with a microSD card slot, allowing you to load maps and navigation data so you can see if your canine is wading in the water.
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