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George Clothing for Men

While there is no rule book that governs casual dress, it is important to present oneself in a positive light. George does just that, offering sleek but modest clothing for men. The brand originated in the UK and eventually expanded its market to the United States. Its apparel comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making it effortless to find pieces that complement your look.

Who Makes the George Clothing Line?

The George clothing line was launched by George Davies, an English fashion designer, in the 1990's. Customers seek this apparel for men because of its fashionable styles, durable materials, and innovative designs.

  • Fashion Labels: George Davies first headed Next before launching the label George at Asda. Since then, he has started two other fashion labels: Per Una and GIVe.
  • George Retailers: In 2000, George of Asda was purchased by one of the world's largest retailers.

What Menswear Products Does George Offer?

The George clothing line for men offers a vast selection of garments. This apparel combines the look of professional wear with the comfort of more-casual wear.

  • Slacks and Trousers: George pants include slacks and trousers in muted colors such as grey, khaki, and black. Pants are available in different cuts and fits, allowing men to find the right pair for their figure and style.
  • Suits and Ties: The brand markets Oxford shirts, blazers, and ties for men. They also manufacture three-piece sets consisting of a matching shirt, vest, and slacks, helping men to put together complete outfits with ease and eliminating the stress often associated with outfit coordination. This apparel also ranges in color, size, and style.

Does George Clothing Run True to Size?

The clothing line runs true to size, so to increase your chances of finding the perfect fit, consider consulting a size chart or getting measured. This is especially important when buying a suit. To determine correct sizing, consider your chest, waist, neck, and sleeve measurements. You should choose the size that definitely fits you well rather than one that you hope fits well since being comfortable is the goal.

  • Chest Measurement: To measure your chest, wrap the tape measure snugly under your armpits, around the fullest part of your chest.
  • Neck Measurement: To measure your neck, wrap the tape measure around the lower part of your neck, an inch below your Adam's apple. For a comfortable fit, place two fingers between the tape measure and your neck.
  • Sleeve Measurement: Determine your sleeve measurement by measuring from the shoulder joint to the wrist bone.
  • Waist Measurement: Measure around your waist at navel level to find your waist measurement, putting a finger between your body and the tape measure to ensure comfort.

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