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Glade Air Fresheners

Glade offers solid, oil, and mist fragrances to keep your home or office smelling fresh. You can sample various scents or choose one to be your favorite. Glade air fresheners help cover and eliminate unpleasant odors and leave a light, fragrant scent.

What are Glade Solid Air Fresheners?

Glade Solid Air Fresheners contain a block of scented gel. They are not actively dispensed. You place the open container in the area where you want to enjoy the aroma. Over time, the scented block passively disperses the fragrance throughout the room. Glade Solid Air Fresheners typically last between two weeks and two months. The wider you open the dispensers, the faster the product will dissipate and the stronger the scents from the unit will spread.

What is Glade Scented Oil?

Glade Plug-In Scented Oil Air Fresheners have a plastic warmer that plugs into an outlet. A small pot of oil fits into the warmer. As the oil warms, it releases its scent. They release the scented product continuously. You can adjust the intensity of the output with a control dial on the front of the warmer. The pot of oil is translucent, so you will be able to tell when it needs to be replaced. The oil is designed to last longer when you choose a lower intensity with the dial.

How does Glade Automatic Spray work?

The Glade Automatic Spray Air Fresheners consist of two components that dispel scents throughout an area. They have a decorative, battery-operated housing and a can of air freshener. You reuse the housing, replacing the air freshener refill when it is expended. To use Glade Automatic Spray, follow these steps:

  • Remove the top of the housing unit. Make sure the timer is in the off position.
  • Take the top off the air freshener refill, and put it into the housing. The nozzle of the can must line up with the hole in the housing unit.
  • Replace the top of the housing unit.
  • Choose a time setting for the scent release. The housing unit will automatically disperse a mist of fragrance at the interval you choose. A refill is designed to last about two months when the interval is set at 36 minutes.
  • Turn the unit on.
  • If you want an extra burst of scent, you can press the boost button at any time.
Does Glade offer air freshener sprays that are not automatic?

Glade offers a spray in a can that can be used when a room or space needs to be scented or refreshed. To use the Glade spray, shake the dispenser, press the release button, and move your hand to disperse the scent throughout the area. Essential oils give these air fresheners a natural appeal.

If you want a more intense choice, the Glade Premium line is available. These products have just a bit more scenting power. The Premium line includes a citrus-scented aerosol that is formulated to eliminate pet odors.

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