Звукосниматели и ретриверы мячей для гольфа

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Golf Ball Pick-Ups and Retrievers

From the back nine to your backyard, golf can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your time. While playing, a golf ball retriever, ball pick up or shagger from a brand like Callaway can help you avoid lost balls and sore backs. These tools are a great addition to any golfer’s bag.

What is a golf ball retriever?

A ball retriever, also known as a shagger, is a specialized tool that allows a golfer to shag a golf ball from obstacles like water hazards without endangering themselves. The typical golf ball retriever is a long shaft that can extend several feet. A ring or cup at the end of the golf ball retriever acts as a scoop to shag the ball.

  • A golf ball retriever can easily fit into a normal golf bag, and can be taken on any outing.
  • Ball retrievers use telescoping technology to extend up to 15 ft. This allows a golfer to shag golf balls that are well out of arm’s reach.
  • Many popular brands, including Callaway, make golf ball retrievers.
  • A branded golf ball, like Callaway, is an expensive investment. A golf ball retriever can help cut down on that expense.
What is a golf ball pick up?

Ball pick ups are another tool, but instead of shagging balls from obstacles like a ball retriever, this type of shagger allows a golfer to easily retrieve a ball from the ground without bending over. These retrievers come in two main types, a claw that can be added to a club, or a shag bag, which can pick up multiple golf balls before being emptied.

What is a claw style shagger?

When on the green, a player frequently must grab their golf ball to allow other putts. Additionally, they must retrieve their ball after holing their own ball. The amount of times a golf ball must be picked up can be taxing on the back and knees, so a claw style ball pick up can be used to prevent this wear and tear.

  • Usually added to the putter, claws can typically be easily screwed into the base for shagging.
  • To shag, simply flip the club and use the claw to grab without any bending motion, saving your knees for the back nine.
What is a shag bag?

This retriever is used to recover many balls without the need to bend and grab each one. This tool is perfect for use during a session on the practice green, or even when hitting a few golf balls in your own backyard.

  • An aluminum tube with clips on the end is used to grab the golf ball.
  • Grabbing another ball pushes the first ball up the tube and so on.
  • When many golf balls are grabbed, the balls will fall out of the tube into a nylon bag, which is easily emptied through a zipper.
  • Some companies, such as Callaway, are switching to sturdier boxes on the retriever that can also double as a feeder.