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Golf Divot Tools

Golf divot tools are a must if you plan on going out to spend time on the golf course. These accessories are available in various styles. They are a great way to fix the turf once you've hit a golf ball and if you caused any blemishes.

What is a divot tool?

Particularly when you're on the fairway, you will strike the ball with your club. As you do this, a chunk of the ground may come up at the same time. When you look down, there will be a divot. The divot tool is then used to lift the grass that was pulled up from the club and place it back over the divot. This allows the turf to remain in good condition for everyone else playing on the course. This action will also keep the turf in good shape so that it continues to grow.

What's included in a tool set?

There is often what's known as a Greenskeeper Kit that you can get when you play golf. This will include a few different accessories, such as:

  • Divot repair tools
  • Ball markers
  • Tees
What are some of the available features?

You will find that there are all sorts of divot tools available. Some are designed to fix the divot and show you where your ball landed while you wait for others to play through. Some design features are listed below.

  • Magnetic to attach to putter
  • Retractable design
  • Branded
How do you fix a divot?

When you leave a mark or divot on the fairway or green, it's important to know how to fix the surface so that it's smooth once again. The mark left by the ball or the club will vary in size and indent. If the ball left a mark, place the pointed edges of the divot tool into the ground at a 45-degree angle. Work around the mark a few times and then pat it down with the head of the club. Avoid prying at the ground as it can damage the roots.

What is a switchblade divot tool?

A switchblade divot tool is slightly different from a standard tool. Similar to a Swiss Army knife, this will generally have more accessories attached to it. When it's time to fix a divot, the repair tool comes out of the main component like a switchblade and then retracts when it's time to be put away. Some models will even have clips that will attach to your golf bag or to your belt loop for added convenience.