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Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas are versatile objects and come in many colors and patterns, including black and gold and a rainbow of other colors. They can be printed with a company logo as well, which is popular with people who play golf. When considering which product to purchase, the consumer should consider the use of the umbrella and what features they need.

What is the use of the umbrella?

  • The most common use of an umbrella is to keep people dry on a rainy day. Golf umbrellas are useful for people playing golf as well as those who need a larger canopy.
  • They can also protect you from wind or from the sun, especially while playing golf.
  • Also, professional photographers use different-colored umbrellas including black and gold to manage the flash during photo shoots.

What is a bubble umbrella?

This is an umbrella with a clear plastic canopy to allow the user to pull it down. The umbrella covers more of the sides than a normal one would. When these are open, they shield you from both the wind and the rain.

Who created the umbrella?

  • Historical uses: The umbrella first appeared more than 4,000 years ago. Early evidence is recorded in Egypt, Assyria, Greece, Rome, and China.
  • In modern history: The first folding model was made in 1928. Products available include folding pocket models, regular-size models, automatic models where the handle telescopes, and golf umbrellas which are large, folding, and generally automatic. These are easy to open and close.

How big is a golf umbrella?

  • Size: Golf umbrellas have a large canopy and range from 60-70 inches in diameter. This allows them to cover not only a golfer but their golf bag as well.
  • Golf umbrellas have reinforced handles to support their weight and make them easier to carry. They are easy to open.
  • People playing golf usually carry a golf umbrella in their bag or in their golf cart in case of rain.
  • Golf umbrellas are printed with the customer's preferred brand logo. Black is a popular color.

Which umbrellas are best for photography studios?

Photography umbrellas come in different sizes, small being 32 to 48 inches and medium being 39 to 47 inches. The different colors serve different purposes:

  • White: These are transparent or shoot-through. They help the photographer spread the flash and make the lighting softer. They also give a warmer color to the photograph.
  • Silver: These are reflective umbrellas which make objects brighter and give a cool color to the photograph.
  • Gold: Gold umbrellas reflect a little less than silver. Like white, gold warms the color of the photograph. Gold umbrellas reflect back to the subject and make the contrast stronger. Gold is combined with other colors to achieve different effects.