Gorilla Hunting Blind & Tree Stand Accessories

Gorilla Treestands Accessories

A treestand is a platform or chair that hunters attach to a tree in order to see over an area and are often used by bowhunters. To reduce the risk of serious injury or death, safety harnesses are a necessity when using treestands. Gorilla offers several other accessories to make the hunting experience as comfortable as possible.

What types of safety harness accessories for treestands are available?

Accessories are designed with a hunters needs when using treestands in all weather, all terrain and for all game. Safety harnesses, replacement tree straps, and fall lines make hunting in treestands safer and easier.

Safety harnesses are designed for all-day and short trip hunters, and all Gorilla harnesses are weather-proof. Most harnesses offer the following features:

  • Freedom of movement with a special webbing
  • Adjustability for any size hunter
  • Silent buckles
How secure are the harnesses?

Safety harnesses are designed with the needs of hunters in treestands in mind, so low weight, flexibility, safety, and comfort are all highlights of the safety harnesses. G-TAC air harnesses and G-TAC ghost harnesses are for use with crossbows and vertical bows, and firearms. Harnesses are available in youth sizes and adult male and female models. Padded and ultralight models are offered.

What other accessories besides safety harnesses are there?

The Fall Defense Line accessory is a quick-connect tree rope made of weather-resistant, reflective polyester that is designed to be easy to locate.

Replacement tree straps feature prethreaded quick-adjust buckles and quiet rubber coating for reduced noise. The maximum weight rating for the tree straps is 300 pounds.

A variety of hatchets, machetes, compact trim saws, and knives clear away bushes and debris or are ideal for cutting bones on large game. Blades are constructed of steel, and handles are molded rubber with finger guards offer a firm grip and reduced chance of blisters. Different blades are shaped to address different uses. Hatchets can double as a wrench for tightening nuts and bolts and most blades come with nylon sheaths.

Do you have to use safety harnesses with a treestand?

Harnesses can potentially save you from serious injuries or death resulting from a fall and consist of a cross-chest strap, sturdy shoulder straps, and thigh loops. The safety harnesses are lightweight, form-fitting and breathable and allow for a full range of movement and should always be worn while in the treestand. Harnesses should not restrict your movement while in treestands.

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