Решетки для Ford Excursion

Ford Excursion Grilles

Grilles allow air to enter your vehicle while protecting the engine and radiator. Since they mount to the front of your ride, their appearance is an equally valuable characteristic. Here are five questions and answers to help you choose from the wide array of Ford Excursion grilles.

Is one material in a grille stronger than another?

Grille manufacturing materials and designs are fairly standard, having changed little in decades. Steel, anodized aluminum, chrome, and platinum are very common. Manufacturers of Ford truck grilles prize each of these materials and treatments because they are very sturdy, resist corrosion, and dont succumb to extreme cold. They are all fairly equal in terms of strength and durability.

What basic categories of grilles are there for Excursion SUVs?

The two basic categories of grilles available for cars, trucks, and SUVs are billet and mesh.

  • Billet grilles are a very classic type of grille. They resemble bars or slats of varying thicknesses. They are either vertically or horizontally oriented. Then there are variations of the billet grille, such as the punch billet and specialty billet grilles. Punch and specialty are both custom-made billet grilles for Ford Excursion.
  • Mesh grilles, as their name implies, consist of fine or large mesh made from intertwined pieces of thin metal. There are also snap-on grille shells that fit over your factory grille.
Is a bullbar similar to a grille?

A bullbar goes over your grille. Other names for this type of item are cattle pusher, push bar, brush guard, and grille guard, which perhaps accounts for the association. Bullbars provide protection in the event of collisions with other vehicles or even animals. The name bullbar comes from the need for protection from collisions with cattle wandering onto rural roads at night.

Like grilles, bullbars come in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes. They usually consist of metal or ABS plastic with powdered coating to enhance weather resistance. They are often one piece, and they mount over your Ford Excursion grille in no time at all. Some models include headlight guards as well.

How do bumper grilles work?

Bumper grilles sit directly in front your Ford Excursion engine, conducting additional airflow while you drive to your cool brakes and other parts accessed through bumper openings. Bumper grilles can be mounted in the front and back.

What different types and brands are there of bug screens?

Grille bug screens are hardy mesh screens that keep bugs, stones, and debris out of your car or truck grille. There are also winter versions that reduce warm-up time and preserve optimal temperatures for engine operation.

Rosters of available brands change frequently, but nearly all manufacturers of auto parts produce various grille accessories, such as bug screens. Some brands include: Westin, Fia, Aps, Fedar, Aries, Ford, T-Rex, and Mopar. Although there are many grille accessories you can place on the left, right, lower, upper, rear, and front of your vehicle, grille bug screens are more common for the front, including for the Ford Excursion. There are also bug screens you can clip to the rear windows of your Excursion to keep pests out of your back seats during off-road excursions.