HP 60 Printer Ink Cartridges

Common Questions About HP 60 Ink Cartridges

Having spare ink cartridges on hand is advantageous when you need to print invoices or receipts for your business or when you need to print an important assignment for school. eBay has a large selection of quality ink cartridges for your printer, including those for Hewlett-Packard, so youll never run out of ink in the middle of printing anything. Shop at eBay for quality ink cartridges, and find what you need quickly and at a reasonable price.

What are the key features of HP 60 ink cartridges?

Using original HP ink cartridges from HP ensures the cartridges will fit and work properly in your printer. They also come with many great features like the following:

  • Yield: The HP 60 ink cartridge has a yield of 200 pages for black ink and 165 pages for the tri-color. When you use HP original cartridges, you get more usable pages than you would be getting with compatible or generic cartridges.
  • Quality print: When using HP ink cartridges like the HP 60 ink cartridge, you get laser-quality printed text in bold black or vivid colors for your printed photos. The pigment inks used by HP will produce printed documents you can count on.
  • Fade and water-resistant: On ordinary paper, print pages that resist water using original HP ink cartridges. The sharp text and bright colors in your photos will resist fading, even after being filed away for years.
  • Speed: When you need something important printed right away, HP has the ink cartridges you need. With the HP 60 ink cartridge, you can print pages at high speeds with fast-drying ink for results that are professional. HP offers speed and quality thats there for you.
What printers do HP 60 ink cartridges work with?

The HP 60 ink cartridges are designed to work with the following HP series:

  • Deskjet D series printers
  • Deskjet F series printers
  • Envy 100 series printers
  • Photosmart D series printers
  • Photosmart C series printers
How do you properly store ink cartridges?

When storing ink cartridges like HP 60, use the following tips to help keep them in top shape:

  • Original packaging: Keep your ink cartridges in top shape until you need them. To protect them from moisture, dirt, and debris, keep the ink cartridges in their original packaging until youre ready to install them into your printer for use.
  • Keep cool: For best results, store HP 60 ink cartridges in temperatures between 59 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing them at a consistent room temperature will keep them in good shape until you need them.
  • Keep dry: Dont allow moisture to damage your ink cartridges in storage. Keep them in a dry storage area, not a damp one like a basement. For extra protection, keep them in sealed plastic bags until youre ready to use them.
  • Keep dark: Direct sunlight and artificial light damages ink cartridges. To avoid this, keep your cartridges in dark or dimly lit storage areas.
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