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Fixing Charging Problems on your Android Phone

If you cannot recharge the battery of your HTC One M8 using your charger or if the battery charges slowly, the port used for recharging may be faulty. There are also a number of other causes which might be less serious.

What can be the cause of charging problems on my phone?

If you have problems with charging your HTC One M8, you can carry out the following steps before deciding to replace the charging port:

  • Soft Reset. To perform a soft reset, press and hold down the Power and Volume Up buttons of your HTC phone for greater than 10 seconds. Release both buttons when your phone restarts.
  • Test the Charger and Cable. Plug your USB cable into a USB port on your PC and plug the connector at the other end into your device to check the cable. If your HTC One cannot be charged via USB, connect a different HTC battery charger with the correct cable to your device to make sure that your charger or cable is not faulty.
  • Check the Battery. The HTC battery will normally last you a little over two years. If you are well over this period, you might consider getting a replacement. Symptoms of a failing battery are normally a flickering screen, random restarts, or excessive heating. Also check the back of your HTC One to see that the battery is not swollen, in which case it will need replacing.
  • Clean the Port. Dust and debris can build up inside the port and prevent a proper connection with you HTC charger, especially if you often carry your phone in your pocket.

How do I clean the port?

To clear the port on your HTC of dust and debris build-up, proceed as follows:

  • Turn off your HTC One completely.
  • Blow compressed air or canned air into the port to remove any loose particles.
  • Use a cotton swab to pull any lint and dust out of the port.
  • Use a needle wrapped with double-sided tape to remove any remaining dust particles and debris from the port.

What tools do I need to replace the port assembly?

If it is necessary to replace the port, it is recommended that it is performed by a skilled professional. Should you decide to carry out the task yourself, you would need a hair dryer, spudger, small Phillips screwdriver, suction cup, and a pry tool for the procedure.

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