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Hamilton Military Wristwatches

There are several different design types for wristwatches, but one of the most common is the military style with a simple appearance and an emphasis on ruggedness. Hamilton is a prolific brand in the military design space with several different models and options. There are several different characteristics that separate the Hamilton watches and are of interest to potential buyers.

What is a military watch?

A military watch originally referred to any watch that is used by military service members. That meant no particular brand or model. However, over time, specific brands started adopting the classic design conventions of military-favored watches to create a specific set of features. These included large, clear numbers, big hands, a 24-hour inner dial, and a few other features like easy synchronization. The overall emphasis is on ease of use, rapid reading, and availability, so that the watch will function at all times and that it will be easy to quickly read the time in any lighting. Hamilton offers a number of military watches in an array of styles.

What color options are available for Hamilton military watches?

There are three components of a Hamilton watch that have customizable color: the face, the case, and the band. The band options for Hamilton watches are beige, brown, black, gold, green, rose gold, silver, and white. For dials, the colors are beige, black, blue, brown, gray, silver, white, and yellow gold. The case colors are beige, black, brown, gray, rose gold, silver, white, and yellow gold.

What movement types are available with Hamilton watches?

The Hamilton military watch uses the full range of movement styles. Some of the watches tend to use quartz, either automatic or battery-powered. You can also find Hamilton watch models that use mechanical movements, automatic or hand-wound. For example, Hamilton Jazzmaster Swiss Automatic Chronograph Valjoux 7750 Watch has a Swiss-made automatic Valjoux 7750 movement and features stainless steel case, round dial, analog display, chronograph, and genuine leather.

What is the case on a Hamilton watch made of?

There are several different options for the case. Each one looks different and also has different levels of damage resistance for scratches, bumps, and drops. The list of materials include aluminum, brass, plate gold, plastic, PVD, resin, silicone, silver, solid gold, stainless steel, and titanium.

What models of Hamilton military watch are there?

There are three main models that Hamilton offers: the Khaki Field, the Khaki Navy, and the Khaki Aviation. They have different roles. For example, Navy models are designed to be more resistant to water for diving while Field models might be scratch proof or have extra navigational features.